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Partnering to protect human rights

Article July 12, 2021 EDC helps Tata Communications Ltd. strengthen its business in a responsible way

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Going global: How to find success in international markets

Webinar Discover the right approach for your company to set up international operations successfully.

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Digital trade: Harnessing technology, data and AI in our post-pandemic economy

Report September 14, 2020 This EDC Global Trade report outlines the digital impacts on the economic recovery from COVID-19.

Multi touch screen technology company Baanto


Success Story This technology company took off so quickly they couldn’t keep up with demand, but with EDC’s financing solutions they could continue to say yes to global opportunities.

Quebec tech company Solacom Technologies

Solacom Technologies

Article Choosing EDC’s credit insurance was the right call for this Quebec tech company.

Mobile app company Konrad Group

Konrad Group

Video December 21, 2017 This mobile app company uses insurance to mobilize their financing.

Fresche Solutions EDC Feature

Fresche Solutions: Integrating new markets requires patience

Article November 07, 2017 Fresche Solutions knows exporting is critical: 98 per cent of its sales coming from exports, with the U.S. representing nearly 40 per cent of its market.

Overcoming Challenges Facing ICT

Overcoming information and communication technology challenges

Article October 25, 2017 Discover how two gaming companies overcame traditional challenges facing ICT companies.

Adtrackmedia EDC Feature

Adtrackmedia transforms metro subway tunnels in international markets

Article October 17, 2017 Adtrackmedia saw an opportunity in a niche market: taking blank tunnel walls of subway systems and display advertising. Read about their export success here.

Canadian Tech Companies

Canadian tech companies growing to the next level with talent

Article September 29, 2017 Small Canadian tech companies are facing challenges scaling their company.

Export insights SOTI

How Canadian company, SOTI, adapted to different markets worldwide

Article September 13, 2017 96% of SOTI’s revenues come from outside of Canada. Learn how SOTI grew to 700 employees in 22 countries by looking to new markets for export opportunities.

Export insights Fusebill

Fusebill finds its niche as a fintech exporter

Article September 07, 2017 Tyler Eyamie, CEO of Fusebill, a leading fintech company, shares their exporting story and insights for small and medium-sized businesses looking to export.

Digital skills in the ICT sector

Solving the digital skills puzzle in the ICT sector

Article September 01, 2017 Canada has a decision to make on whether it wants lead or follow in the race for global ICT talent.

Export Insights from RentMoola

Successfully exporting in the fintech industry: Insights from RentMoola

Article RentMoola co-founder discusses the differences between selling in Canada vs. the United States, the roadblocks they faced and how you can overcome them.

RentMoola EDC Feature

How RentMoola's fintech is making it easier to pay rent

Article Learn how RentMoola leveraged fintech to disrupt the banking industry by creating an online platform to pay rent with a debit or credit card.

Canadian fintech companies

Canadian fintech companies need to be export-ready

Blog April 26, 2017 Michelle Peng Greenberg, senior manager for partnerships at MaRS Finance and commerce, explains why Canadian fintech companies to be export-ready.

Canadian financial institutions exports

Canada's financial institutions pave the way for global export success

Blog April 25, 2017 Canadian financial institutions received international praise following the global financial crisis. Learn more about how this expertise is a valuable export.

Canadian financial services exports

Financial services: One of Canada's largest and fastest-growing exports

Blog April 21, 2017 Learn how the financial services is one of the largest and fastest-growing Canadian exports, attributing more than half of Canada's outward foreign direct investment.

Export Insights Glint Innovation

Glint Innovation's growth helped by support available for entrepreneurs

Article Glint Innovation's co-founder discusses how they, with the help from the Canadian government and MaRS Network, were able to successfully start their business.

Export Insights Sound & Lights

Saint-Boniface Sound & Lights gives back to hometown through exports

Article February 21, 2017 Sory Sacko moved to Canada from Mali 18 years ago. Now, he gives back to his hometown community by exporting customized AV equipment.

Sound & Lights EDC Feature

Winnipeg's Saint-Boniface Sound & Lights drives export success in Africa

Article February 20, 2017 Exporting to his home country of Mali for 5 years, Saint-Boniface Sound & Lights gained the credibility of being known to clients as an ambassador to Canada.

Export Insights from CoolIT Systems

CoolIT Systems: Lessons from the global supply chain journey

Article January 26, 2017 CoolIT Systems, a Calgary-based tech company, discusses its export strategies and biggest lessons learned from going global.

CoolIT Systems EDC Feature

How high-quality partnerships help CoolIT Systems grow globally

Article January 25, 2017 Founded in 2001 by three gamers, CoolIT's technology now cools more than two million CPUs in various systems around the globe. Learn how partnerships helped.

Export Insights from Blackline Safety

Maximize the American advantage: Blackline Safety

Article January 20, 2017 Blackline Safety gives advice on how to break into new markets, including researching the competition and market readiness level for your product or service.

Blackline Safety EDC Feature

Blackline Safety educates customers in different markets

Article January 19, 2017 With growing opportunities to apply its technology, Blackline Safety is developing and manufacturing world-leading solutions for monitoring lone worker safety

Export Insights STEMCELL Technologies

Global long-term vision key to export success: STEMCELL Technologies

Article September 01, 2016 Vancouver's STEMCELLS Technologies exported from day one. Learn how their reputation with community researchers around the world helped validate their product.

STEMCELLS Technologies EDC Feature

Vancouver’s STEMCELL Technologies: An export story that spans 20 years

Article September 01, 2016 STEMCELLS Technologies needed certain tools to do research work in hemotology and oncology, and knew that other researchers around the world needed the same.

Export Insights from Synaptive Medical

Exporting health care innovation: Synaptive Medical

Article August 02, 2016 Learn how Synaptive Medical developed medical equipment and applications for neurosurgery and began successfully exporting with their first sale.

Synaptive Medical EDC Feature

Synaptive Medical sees a problem and builds a technology solution

Article August 02, 2016 Thanks to Synaptive Medical, neurosurgeons now have imaging and robotic positioning technology software. So far, all of their sales have come from exports.

Export Insights ICT Sector

How Canada's ICT sector can reach its full potential

Blog July 15, 2016 The CEO of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) explains why "this time in Canadian business is unprecedented" for Canada's ICT sector.

ICT sector exporting

Canada's ICT sector is built for exporting

Blog July 11, 2016 Learn how Canada's information and communications technologies (ICT) sector could lead to the next wave of innovation that will transform many sectors.