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A group of Quadrogen employees stands in front of a biogas clean-up system near a warehouse.

From waste to resource: Quadrogen turns dirty biogas into clean energy

Blog October 22, 2021 Learn how Quadrogen is developing and exporting innovative cleantech, with help from EDC.

A businessman speaks on a web conference with an advisor using a laptop webcam.

Export Help Hub

Tool July 05, 2021 Insights to guide smart export decisions.

Peter Hall, EDC

U.S. housing market: Sign of global revival?

Weekly Commentary February 04, 2021 As U.S. COVID-19 numbers improve, a key leading indicator is waking up.

Beautiful sunset over the Brooklyn bridge in Manhattan

U.S. outlook: What Canadian businesses need to know

Webinar It’s time to look ahead to 2021 and see how the U.S. outlook will impact Canada’s economy—and your company.

Man in a warehouse with tablet showing the map of the world where the goods will be delivered.

Digital trade: New CUSMA chapter outlines rules of fastest-growing export sector

Article September 14, 2020 New chapter in Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement outlines rules for digital trade.

Two businessmen in hard hats with shipping containers in background

Complying with CUSMA: What Canadian exporters, importers need to know

Blog August 28, 2020 An overview of the new rules of origin and origin certification

Hiker watching the sunset at Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA

Going south of the border: How to gain a global presence in the U.S.

Blog February 14, 2020 Canadian entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to expand beyond Canada’s borders see the United States as their top export destination.

Sample video of REAL by FAKE’s work

REAL by FAKE: Planting a flag in Hollywood

Success Story This Montreal-based visual effects and post-production outfit got EDC support to acquire a company closer to their customers

trade wars and section 301 tariffs

Trade wars and Section 301 tariffs: Practical mitigation strategies for Canadian companies

Blog November 28, 2019 How will Canadian companies be impacted by new tariffs?

TilesInspired owners

TilesInspired hits a wall with trade questions, gets answers from EDC

Success Story Discover EDC Export Help Hub

global markets for Canada’s clean technology

Top 5 global markets for Canada’s clean technology

Blog October 07, 2019 A look at the five most promising cleantech markets

Cloud Gate, also known as the Bean is one of Chicago’s major attractions.

Forging ahead: Canadians need to think long-term when exporting to the U.S.

Blog May 27, 2019 On the heels of EDC opening two American offices, Gregory Trippenbach, EDC’s Regional Vice-President, United States, outlines the opportunities and risks for Canadian businesses exporting to the south.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta: Latest breakout star for Canadian exports

Blog April 24, 2019 EDC is growing in the United States by opening an office in Atlanta, Georgia to better serve the southeastern part of the country.


3-point game plan when exporting to the U.S.

Blog December 11, 2018 Canadian SMEs need a plan in place prior to exporting to the U.S.: identify a region, develop a market-entry strategy and secure a working capital.

EDC Peter Hall: The CUSMA clock is ticking

The CUSMA clock is ticking

Weekly Commentary December 06, 2018 CUSMA: Bumpy road to ratification?


CUSMA: Deal or no deal for Canadian businesses?

Blog December 04, 2018 One of the real benefits of the new agreement is that it puts in place a new chapter for small and medium-sized businesses.

Exporting to the US

Exporting to the U.S.: The whole isn’t always greater than the sum of its parts

Article November 26, 2018 Exporters should look at the U.S. as a series of regional markets with different opportunities and different strategies required for getting started in each one.


Canadian companies hungry for growth are still turning to the U.S. market

Article October 25, 2018 The U.S. is still a top choice for many Canadian companies looking to get a foothold internationally. The new USMCA secures this bilateral trade for the future.

USMCA stability for auto sector

How USMCA offers stability for Canada’s auto sector

Article October 24, 2018 Like many people in the Canadian auto parts sector, Craig Hodgins and his two partners at London Automotive and Manufacturing Ltd. are breathing a sigh of relief that the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) concluded with a positive resolution.

United States flag representing the regional opportunities for the trade under CUSMA.

Doing business in the United States

eBook October 23, 2018 The United States is a series of regional markets with distinct opportunities depending on your industry.

CUSMA de minimis

Do your duty: Higher de minimis requires more creative sales plans

Blog October 17, 2018 The proposed CUSMA will give exporters access to over 400 million customers in the U.S. and Mexico.

USMCA protects copyright

“Canada’s newest trade deal will provide stronger copyright protections for my work”

Blog October 11, 2018 The new USMCA has been heralded as a 21st century agreement. One way the agreement lends itself to the modern age is through its proposed intellectual property (IP) provisions.

EDC Peter Hall: A New Deal for North America

A New Deal for North America

Weekly Commentary October 04, 2018 With the new North American free trade deal, Canada has a green light for export growth.

What’s next for the new USMCA trade agreement

What’s next for the new USMCA trade agreement?

Blog October 03, 2018 A new United States-Mexico-Canada agreement is good news. What are steps to ratification?

new deal lifts fog

New U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal lifts fog for Canadian business

Blog October 02, 2018 The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal reduces uncertainty for Canadian trade and business investment.


A new deal: stability for the future of North American trade

Article October 01, 2018 Replacing NAFTA, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement stabilizes North American supply chains and trade.

Nafta negiotiations

How NAFTA negotiations have progressed – A timeline of events

Blog September 11, 2018 The U.S. launches a 90-day countdown to a new NAFTA. How have talks progressed and what lies ahead?

Man touching a transparent digital screen demonstrates how innovative tools and creativity driving global competition

Increase your innovation

Article July 24, 2018 A comprehensive guide to help you innovate your way to global success and stay ahead of the competition. 

Renegotiating NAFTA

Renegotiating NAFTA: The players, the process, and the playbook

Article May 23, 2018 The Trump Administration wants to revisit or withdraw from NAFTA. Here’s what Canadian companies should know about the process and how to be prepared.

Peter Hall EDC: Auto Sector and Vehicle Sales

Vehicle sales: On auto pilot?

Video April 26, 2018 Will sales be up, down or sideways?

All Eyes on NAFTA Negotiations

All eyes on NAFTA negotiations

Blog April 09, 2018 If a new NAFTA deal is going to be reached in 2018, it must happen soon.

EDC Peter Hall: Tighter Times in the Global Economic Outlook

Tighter times

Video April 05, 2018 Tightening sounds frightening; this time, it’s actually good news.

EDC Market Entry Advisors Unites States

Market Entry Advisors – United States

Guide February 14, 2018 Get in contact with key experts you should call before selling abroad, as well as helpful facts and stats for each market.

Peter Hall EDC: Americas Auto Sector

America’s red-hot auto sector

Video February 08, 2018 Red hot US auto sales are not without their problems.

State of the Union Canada trade

U.S. State of the Union address short on trade

Article February 02, 2018 Despite Canada’s fear and trepidation, U.S. President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address hardly mentioned trade at all, let alone trade with Canada.

NAFTA concerns for Canadian firms

Are Canadian firms concerned about NAFTA? If so, now what?

Blog January 22, 2018 Recent survey of Canadian companies shows many adopting new business strategies

Peter Hall EDC Trade Confidence

Trade confidence holding its ground

Weekly Commentary December 15, 2017 2017 has not been international trade’s best year. Oh, growth is having a good run alright; the problem is political. Just how is trade confidence doing?

NAFTA Negotiations & Resource

NAFTA negotiations & resources: The pulse of trade from experts

Article November 16, 2017 A panel of exporting experts weighs in on NAFTA negotiations and the current challenges SMEs face when they contemplate exporting.

Peter Hall EDC Canada NAFTA


Weekly Commentary November 16, 2017 NAFTA renegotiations has Canadians transfixed, as a majority of exports go to the US. What does this mean for Canada's provinces? How exposed are we?

Fresche Solutions EDC Feature

Fresche Solutions: Integrating new markets requires patience

Article November 07, 2017 Fresche Solutions knows exporting is critical: 98 per cent of its sales coming from exports, with the U.S. representing nearly 40 per cent of its market.

Floriculture industry exports

Canada’s floriculture industry looks for export growth across the U.S.

Blog October 05, 2017 Every day, thousands of greenhouse-grown plants and cut flowers are shipped to the U.S. as part of Canada’s annual $420-million in floriculture export sales.

How to demo your products in the u.s

How to demo your products in the U.S. without paying duty

Article September 28, 2017 Learn the four options to help you avoid paying customs duties and taxes.

Export insights Hortau

A cleantech company to watch: Hortau's AI helps California farmers

Article September 27, 2017 CEO and co-founder of Hortau, Jean Caron, shares the importance of understanding the markets you’re exporting to.

Port of Montreal exports

A look at trends in maritime transport at the Port of Montreal

Blog September 20, 2017 The Port of Montreal has played a historic role in the commercial development of Montreal and Canada, and the trade between Canada and international markets.

Export insights Fusebill

Fusebill finds its niche as a fintech exporter

Article September 07, 2017 Tyler Eyamie, CEO of Fusebill, a leading fintech company, shares their exporting story and insights for small and medium-sized businesses looking to export.

Export insights Pelican International

“Exporting is a transformative journey” for Pelican International

Article August 31, 2017 Pelican International, a Quebec-based company and global leader in manufacturing canoes and kayaks, shares their exporting journey and lessons learned.

Export insights Bridgit

Export insights from Bridgit’s CEO Mallorie Brodie

Article August 18, 2017 Mallorie Brodie, CEO of Bridget, shares her exporting lessons learned, and the biggest difference between selling in Canada and selling abroad.

US export opportunities

Where in the U.S. should you export?

Article August 17, 2017 Become a smarter exporter to the U.S. by understanding the market’s 11 distinct regions.

Bridgit EDC feature

Kitchener’s Bridgit constructs global success with innovative app

Article August 17, 2017 Construction software company Bridgit set their sights on the U.S., and today they’re app is used in four key American markets. Read their exporting story.

Canada and U.S Trade Relations

Fast facts: Canada and U.S trade relations

Article August 16, 2017 The U.S. has a deeply integrated and mutually beneficial trade relationship with Canada. Here’s the many incentives for them to keep it that way.

NAFTA 2.0: Mexico Trade

NAFTA 2.0: Mexico wants to enhance, not restrict trade

Article August 04, 2017 Despite the U.S. focus on eliminating trade deficits in a new NAFTA, Mexico is in a strong position to achieve its goal of enhancing trilateral trade.

Export insights D-Wave systems

B.C.'s D-Wave Systems: Exporting the quantum leap of computers

Article August 04, 2017 Quantum computing has the ability to revolutionize what computer systems can do. Learn how D-Wave systems took advantage of a critical export moment.

Export insights Silfab Solar

Export insights with Silfab Solar’s Geoff Atkins

Article August 01, 2017 Geoff Atkins, Executive Advisor to Silfab Solar shares the number one thing SMEs need to know about exporting and trade.

NAFTA Trump Wishlist

U.S. Government’s NAFTA Wish List: What it Means for Canadian Exporters

Article July 27, 2017 The U.S. released its wish list for NAFTA’s renegotiations as well as the negotiation start date—Aug. 16. What does it mean for Canadian exporters?

Silfab Solar EDC feature

The key to Silfab Solar’s impressive growth: targeting the U.S. market

Article July 27, 2017 Successful exporting relies on both company commitment and vision. Read more about Silfab Solar’s exporting journey.

Peter Hall EDC U.S. Export Insights

Shifting stateside? Think about it…

Weekly Commentary July 27, 2017 Political rheotric and NAFTA re-negotiations have Canadian exporters worried about the U.S. These concerns are real, so it's important to do your homework.

Celine Dion exporting music

How four women changed the export world for Canadian musicians

Blog July 26, 2017 The four best-selling Canadian musicians of all time, both at home and in export markets, are women. Read how they’ve changed the export world.

Export insights Ably Productions

Export insights from Steve Johnston of Ably Productions

Article July 17, 2017 Steve Johnston of Ably Productions shares his exporting journey and how he’s found success with the subscription business model.

Canada’s Dairy Industry Part of NAFTA Re-negotiation

U.S. beef with Canada’s dairy industry part of NAFTA re-negotiation

Article July 13, 2017 Canada’s dairy supply management system has been under close scrutiny by many countries. We examine how this issue will become part of NAFTA re-negotiation.

Ably Productions EDC feature

Ottawa's Ably Productions exports media packages tailored for SMEs

Article July 13, 2017 Steve Johnston of Ably Productions shares his lessons learned from a challenging exporting experience, and more insights from doing business internationally.

iPolitics event diversification

Why Canadians must diversify and where they should go

Blog July 07, 2017 Canada’s reliance on the U.S. market is high and with uncertainty south of the border, diversification is worth exploring. Here’s how.

Exporting in Canada’s automotive industry

Canada's automotive industry: A history in exporting

Blog June 28, 2017 Today, Canada’s automotive industry represents 16.5 per cent of our total exports. Take a look at it’s history in exporting.

Peter Hall EDC Trade Confidence Index

Surprise rise in trade confidence

Weekly Commentary June 22, 2017 The anti-trade rhetoric and the political turmoil of 2017 are a prescription for lower trade confidence. However, surveys of Canadian exporters say differently.

NAFTA’s 90 Days: A Calendar

NAFTA’s 90 days: A calendar

Article June 20, 2017 A primer on important dates between the launch of NAFTA negotiations on May 18 until they begin, no earlier than August 16.

Canadian softwood lumber

Canadian softwood lumber, Part 5

Article June 06, 2017 It may sound like a blockbuster movie series, but no other issue has dominated Canada-U.S. trade like softwood lumber.

Canada’s Forestry Sector

Canada’s forestry sector: Rooted in Canada’s economic history

Article May 31, 2017 Canada is by nature a global forestry leader and the industry has proven it can be resilient in the face of the challenge of change.

Export insights Boutique Step Up

Export insights from eBay Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Article May 30, 2017 Christine Deslaurier, owner of Step Up Boutique, shares lessons learned from her 10 year long export journey as an e-bay and brick & mortar store owner.

Boutique Step Up EDC feature

Step Up Boutique sells to 42 countries worldwide, with help from eBay

Article May 29, 2017 Find out how Step Up Boutique, a micro-multinational, has sold to 42 countries in her 10 years of business.

Export Insights from Robotiq

How Quebec company Robotiq is helping the manufacturing industry

Article Robotiq's CEO Samuel Bouchard explains how their robots are helping the manufacturers in 50 countries through automated efficiency.

Robotiq EDC Feature

Robotiq's technology becomes the industry standard worldwide

Article Robotiq's global expansion happened eight years ago, by chance, on a plane. Now the Quebec-based company exports their robots to over 50 countries world wide.

Export Insights from Schleese Saddlery

Schleese Saddlery works with its partners to find export success

Article Ontario-based company Schleese Saddlery discusses how it's important educate yourself and listening to those who know more than you when it comes to exporting.

Schleese Saddlery EDC Feature

Traditional meets innovative: How Schleese Saddlery transformed saddles

Article Have you ever wondered how saddle technology has evolved while respecting its traditional European roots? Schleese Saddlery saw its potential and pursued it.

Quebec export challenges

How Quebec companies can overcome export challenges: FCCQ

Blog May 01, 2017 Stéphane Forget, President and CEO of the FCCQ, gives advice on how Quebec companies can overcome export challenges and excel in international markets.

Export Insights from RentMoola

Successfully exporting in the fintech industry: Insights from RentMoola

Article RentMoola co-founder discusses the differences between selling in Canada vs. the United States, the roadblocks they faced and how you can overcome them.

RentMoola EDC Feature

How RentMoola's fintech is making it easier to pay rent

Article Learn how RentMoola leveraged fintech to disrupt the banking industry by creating an online platform to pay rent with a debit or credit card.

Export Insights Western Oiltools

How Western Oiltools' positive track record helped create export success

Article Learn how Western Oiltools' positive track record and listening to the 'pain points' of their customers helped their business thrive and succeed.

The Mexico Question

The Mexico question: To stay or go; Enter or stay home

Article April 12, 2017 Thoughts from Canadian exporters and experts from EDC about the Mexican market, given the promises being made by the Trump administration.

Western Oiltools EDC Feature

Western Oiltools: An innovative family business' path to export success

Article Western Oiltools found a way to stop sand from disrupting oil production: they created innovative equipment that improves customer safety and efficiency.

Buy American Free Trade

Buy American: Free trade needs to be fair trade

Article March 30, 2017 Navigating Buy American regulations may be challenging, but can be done. First learn what it means and then how to do your homework to navigate around this complex issue.

Canadian trade notifications

Trade triggers: speculation, NAFTA, WTO, TPP, Mexico and the BAT

Article March 29, 2017 With so much uncertainty today around future business relations with the U.S., how should you plan for the future?

Diversification Exporting Essential

Diversification: An exporting essential

Article March 28, 2017 Diversification is an important trade concept. Find out about the advantages to geographically diversifying your exporting portfolio.

A Look at the Mexico Business Climate

Panic, pause or press on: A look at the Mexico business climate

Blog March 24, 2017 There is uncertainty with doing business in Mexico. Canadians should know the facts point to Mexico being a valuable country for business relationships.

US business opportunities

The infrastructure boom: Harness U.S. business opportunities

Article March 22, 2017 Canada’s SME exporters can harness the opportunities south of the border by partnering with Canada’s bigger PPP players.

Export Insights Bladetech Hockey

Partnerships and face time critical for Bladetech Hockey's exports

Article March 22, 2017 Bladetech Hockey's Anthony Morra explains how having trusted partnerships and face-to-face meetings are essential for successfully exporting products.

Bladetech Hockey EDC Feature

NHL players help Bladetech Hockey establish its export potential

Article March 21, 2017 Instead of using the traditional sales routes, Bladetech Hockey focused on what they call the "Holy Grail" of hockey - NHL players - to sell their products.

Buy America, Buy American, America First

Buy America, Buy American, America First: From an expert’s mouth

Article March 20, 2017 Q&A with a trade expert who works with Canadian companies to help them understand and obey these very rules (Buy America, Buy American and America First.)

Capitalizing on U.S. Infrastructure Needs

Building opportunity: Capitalizing on U.S. infrastructure needs

Blog March 15, 2017 U.S. infrastructure spending is set to skyrocket. Canadian companies can take advantage of experience, proximity, P3s and investment to get in the action.

How Buy America and America First Can Affect You

History lessons: How Buy America and America First can affect you

Blog March 14, 2017 There is confusion around Buy America, Buy American and America First. Canadian companies should know what they mean and how they can impact business.

Canada - u.s. trade for automotive sector

Canada-U.S. trade still a driver for automotive sector

Article March 09, 2017 See how the heavily integrated supply chain between the Canada-U.S. automotive industries benefit both sides of the border.

Export Insights Moxie Trades

The importance of the U.S. market for Moxie Trades' export success

Article March 08, 2017 Moxie Trades' President and CEO explains how Canada's friends south of the border played a critical role in the export success of the company she built.

U.S. Infrastructure Deficit

U.S. infrastructure deficit creates opportunity for Canadian companies

Article March 06, 2017 American infrastructure is crumbling and Canadian SMEs can capitalize.

Future of Canadian Auto Sector

Technology and innovation, the future of the Canadian auto sector

Article March 01, 2017 From cars that use alternative fuels to cars that drive themselves, find out how Canadian companies are on the forefront of global automotive technology.

Export Insights Bulat Kitchen Knife

Building a successful crowdfunding recipe: Bulat Kitchen Knife

Article February 13, 2017 A successful crowdfunding campaign can be a great tool for building a community and testing your products. Learn from the founder of Bulat Kitchen Knives.

4 Key Questions on Canada-U.S. Trade

Get the answers to 4 key questions on Canada-U.S. trade

Article February 10, 2017 Here is expert advice for Canadians exporters regarding market changes to help you prepare and continue to succeed south of the border.

Bulat EDC Feature

Bulat's crowdfunding campaign gets over 5,000 customers and investors

Article February 10, 2017 A knife aficionado and foodie, Bulat Kitchen Knife's creator beat his goal of raising $25,000 in the first 24 hours of the 30-day campaign through crowdfunding.

Buy America Policy

Worried about ‘Buy America’ policies? Why you shouldn’t be

Article February 06, 2017 From “America first” policies to massive new infrastructure spending, the U.S. market is poised for change.

Export Insights from ONEnergy

ONEnergy: Business moves at a faster pace in the U.S.

Article February 02, 2017 Since ONEnergy's beginning they've considered the U.S. a top priority. Learn how this innovative cleantech company adapted to this quickly changing market.

Export Insights from Cogent Power

Cogent Power creates energy efficiency footprint in the U.S.

Article January 31, 2017 Learn how Cogent Power, an electrical steel product manufacturer from Burlington, Ontario, saw opportunity to expand into larger markets.

Cogent Power EDC Feature

Adding value to customers leads to export success for Cogent Power

Article January 30, 2017 Founded over 40 years ago, Cogent Power, an electrical steel supplier, has grown to become one of the globe's best through valued, trusted relationships.

Export Insights from Blackline Safety

Maximize the American advantage: Blackline Safety

Article January 20, 2017 Blackline Safety gives advice on how to break into new markets, including researching the competition and market readiness level for your product or service.

Blackline Safety EDC Feature

Blackline Safety educates customers in different markets

Article January 19, 2017 With growing opportunities to apply its technology, Blackline Safety is developing and manufacturing world-leading solutions for monitoring lone worker safety

Entering the U.S. Market: Logistics

Entering the U.S. market: Logistics and best practices

Guide A white paper with practical information on how to develop an effective, long-term strategy for exporting to the U.S. and establish a business presence.

Export Insights from Synaptive Medical

Exporting health care innovation: Synaptive Medical

Article August 02, 2016 Learn how Synaptive Medical developed medical equipment and applications for neurosurgery and began successfully exporting with their first sale.

Synaptive Medical EDC Feature

Synaptive Medical sees a problem and builds a technology solution

Article August 02, 2016 Thanks to Synaptive Medical, neurosurgeons now have imaging and robotic positioning technology software. So far, all of their sales have come from exports.

Saltworks Technologies EDC Feature

Saltworks Technologies uses innovation in the world's murkiest waters

Article April 20, 2016 Saltworks Technologies found global export success by desalting sea water more cleanly and using 80 per cent less energy than conventional methods.

Pioneer Log Homes EDC Feature

Pioneer Log Homes uses marketing to feed global demand for rustic luxury

Article March 10, 2016 Bryan Reid Sr. built his first log home for his family 43 years ago. Learn how word-of-mouth marketing led to exporting to 23 countries for Pioneer Log Homes.