I’m pleased to introduce EDC’s 2030 Strategy, our blueprint for how EDC will transform and evolve over the next decade to maximize our positive impact, while remaining true to our mandate and values.

EDC’S mandate – to support and develop Canada’s export trade – gives us an incredible opportunity to be champions of progress and catalysts for change in Canada and around the world. That’s because of the potential of international trade to generate economic prosperity and create jobs, as well as our unique ability to help Canadian businesses navigate, manage and take on risk so that they can thrive and grow beyond our borders.

This is EDC’s first-ever 10-year corporate strategy, which picks up where our previous five-year strategy ended. That plan set the bold objectives of 30,000 customers and $1.5 billion in revenue by year-end 2020 as a way of bringing the benefits of exporting to more Canadians. Our 2030 Strategy establishes even bolder objectives focused not on our own numbers, but on the success of our customers and our impact on Canada’s trade. Have we helped companies grow their trade revenue? Have we created more Canadian jobs or improved Canada’s trade performance? In many respects, this will be harder work and will require us to think differently and step outside of our comfort zone. 

The end goal, as spelled out in our new vision, is that “By 2030, Canada has regained its standing as a leader in international trade, building a better and stronger economic future for all Canadians.” We believe this is how we can best serve Canadians, and we are passionate about advancing it.

Our 2030 Strategy consists of several individual strategies, initiatives and key success measures, all of which connect back to our vision, values and purpose. Just as importantly to all EDC employees, our strategy is grounded in our shared values and commitment to advancing sustainable business practices and fostering inclusion, diversity and equity. With the COVID-19 pandemic magnifying economic inequalities in our world, we want to be an agent of change when it comes to helping all segments of society take advantage of the opportunities flowing from trade.

In this document, we provide an overview of our 2030 strategic priorities. As you’ll see in reading it, we think big and we don’t steer away from challenge. Our confidence stems from our talented and passionate employees, who are driven to make a difference and have an impact on the people, businesses and communities they serve. We are counting on them to bring our 2030 Strategy to life, and we will do everything we can to support and empower them. 

Mairead Lavery
President and Chief Executive Officer
Export Development Canada

Make Canada and the world better through trade

EDC’s 2030 Strategy will guide our ambitions, choices and actions, and position us to deliver for Canada over the long term. Its focus is on improving Canada’s trade performance as a means to improve the prosperity of all Canadians in the years to come.

Date modified: 2021-03-11