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For Suppliers

EDC prides itself as a financially self-sustaining Crown Corporation that operates with commercial principles.
The supplier community is a valuable resource to EDC in the provision of our services to our clients, Canadian exporters.

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To do business with us, Suppliers are required to register.

Register as a Supplier

As a federal crown corporation, EDC is required to maintain certain specific information regarding its suppliers. To comply with Canada Revenue Agency regulations and maintain the most current information possible, we require all suppliers looking to provide goods or services to formally register using the process outlined below.

Registration Process

    1. Complete the online Supplier Registration Form or download a PDF version of the form.
    2. Review the information for its accuracy and completeness. Forms containing incomplete mandatory information will not be accepted.
    3. If you are registering using the PDF version of the form, send the completed form to EDC Procurement:
      a. Via fax to 613-598-2533; or
      b. Via e-mail to suppliers@edc.ca.
    4. For suppliers that contract with EDC, this information will form the basis of your business record. For those suppliers not engaged, the information will be retained for a period of one year.
    5. Suppliers that have not had an active contract for more than one year will be required to re-register.

Updating Supplier Information

Suppliers are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the information EDC retains, and are required to submit new, updated or corrected information regularly. Failure to keep EDC abreast of this information in a timely manner can cause delays in receiving orders, payments and/or may necessitate removal from our active supplier listing.

All Information will be kept confidential: The person submitting this form (i) declares to be authorized to act on behalf of the business and submit this form on behalf of the business; (ii) certifies that the information provided on this form is current, accurate and complete as of the date of submission and (iii) acknowledges that Export Development Canada will be relying on this information.

Our communications to the supplier community are below.


Suppliers Invoice Notice

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint, Export Development Canada would like to encourage its suppliers to take advantage of sending their invoices to EDC by email or fax. Please send your invoices referencing your Purchase Order number by either email or fax to (613) 598-2533.

Interested in taking that next step? Would you prefer to receive your payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT)? Why not contact our Accounts Payable team to determine your eligibility.

If you are not the person responsible for these activities, please feel free forward this notification to others within your company.

EDC Change of Address

Please note that as of July 4, 2011 we moved our head office location to the corner of Slater and O’Connor Street (one block north of previous location)

Our mailing address is now:
Export Development Canada
150 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 1K3

All of our telephone numbers, email addresses and fax numbers have remained the same. For courier deliveries, please note that our mailroom will be located on the 2nd floor in our new location.

Important Notice To Foreign Suppliers