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Get the resources you need to meet your sales targets, manage risk and grow your knowledge of the economy and trade with the EDC FI Resource Hub. Make this your go-to page, whether you’re looking to win over a new client or better serve an existing customer. Our goal: to grow your position as a trusted business advisor and help your clients thrive.


Financial Solutions to Drive Your Revenues

EDC can help you win new clients using ingenious financial solutions, share risk so you can expand deal capacity, and leverage expertise to enhance your clients’ satisfaction – all leading to increased revenue. 

Explore the EDC solutions that financial institutions in Canada use the most:

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Acquire new clients

Creative financial solutions that allow prospects to get a taste of what you can do for them will attract new business. Leverage these solutions to transfer risk to EDC and help businesses free up working capital. 

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Grow volume

Sharing the risk with EDC allows you to increase your loan volume, mitigating risk to your FI while providing additional working capital support to your clients. Use these solutions to better meet your client’s credit needs.

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Enhance expertise

Provide a premium customer experience by sharing your heightened knowledge of trade, the economy and financial tools. Access EDC’s FI Insights to provide your clients with the full benefit of your expertise.

Continuous improvements to EDC’s working capital solutions

Learn more about this latest news and check back often for updates on resources for you and your clients.


FI Insights

From advice you can pass on to your clients to sought-after economic forecasts, EDC has expert resources that will help you grow your clients’ success, as well as your own.

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Global Financial Markets

Guide June 19, 2024 Keep track of the international markets that matter to your business. Get the latest financial and macroeconomic information for both developed and emerging markets.

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Manage volatility with EDC’s Commodity Tracker

Guide June 19, 2024 Commodity prices can impact exporting, global trade and your business, so it’s important to be prepared for the challenges ahead.

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Breaking borders: Unlocking Indo-Pacific markets

Webinar Build your strategic knowledge, navigate cultural nuances, and expand to this dynamic region with confidence.

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The outlook according to Canadian exporters

Article May 16, 2024 As Canadian exporters navigate their way through myriad conditions, our mid-year Trade Confidence Index reveals that Canadian businesses continue to forge ahead in the face of multiple economic and geopolitical challenges. Read this report to discover what else is top of mind for them, including their countries of interest when planning to expand overseas.

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North American economic snapshot: Insights & trends

Article May 07, 2024 U.S. economy expected to outshine other G7 countries

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Country Risk Quarterly—Spring 2024

Guide May 01, 2024 EDC monitors the impacts of global events on Canada and our exporters.

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Global Economic Outlook—Spring 2024

Guide April 10, 2024 With loosening domestic labour markets and slumping global demand, Canadian companies are facing new potential risks. EDC’s Global Economic Outlook provides insights, including overviews of key countries, to help you make better business decisions.

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Manage risk through market diversification

Article April 09, 2024 Learn how selling into multiple markets can help your business thrive.

Sheertex is a Canadian company that manufactures pantyhose that are 10 times stronger than steel.

Sheertex: Poking a hole in disposable pantyhose

Article March 07, 2024 Sheertex is a Canadian company that manufactures pantyhose that are 10 times stronger than steel.

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