Getting into business with the wrong company can cost you.

EDC Company InSight can help you find reliable and trustworthy information about foreign companies. Checking the identity of a partner is the first step in building your export-ready relationships.

Key benefits

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Access our global company search

EDC Company InSight lets you search our data to discover insights about international companies. Whether you’re searching a buyer, partner, supplier or distributor, Company InSight is the start of your due diligence, helping you find reliable information that EDC experts rely on.

Our company search will help you:

  • Confirm a company’s legal or registered trade name
  • Discover and confirm firmographic data
  • Initiate a request for information if you can’t find the company 
  • Identify next steps for more due diligence research


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Investigate a company’s information

Get access to the same business registries and resources EDC uses when evaluating a new customer, distributor or partner.

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Use our guide to research prospective business partners

Follow the steps we use to verify companies around the world. We walk you through the research process with tips and resources along the way.

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Power your decisions with EDC’s expertise

We know how important it is for you to feel confident about who you’re doing business with. Perform initial due diligence using the same practices as EDC—and make better-informed business decisions.



How EDC Company InSight can help you

Examine the risks of doing business with a company you don’t know

Sometimes it feels like you’re worlds apart, especially when dealing with new customers, distributors and partners. EDC Company InSight helps you begin to investigate each company you’re thinking of doing business with internationally—for better peace of mind.

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Do faster background checks so you can get down to business

Research the international agents, buyers, customers, distributors and partners on your radar using EDC’s due diligence processes for investigating a company’s information. We’ll help you onboard them faster—and with confidence.