EDC Investments is an evergreen investment program with more than $3 billion in capital to help Canadian businesses reach their potential.

At Export Development Canada (EDC), we invest in Canadian companies with strong international growth potential. We do this through direct equity investments, co-investments and investment fund commitments. Managed by a dedicated team, we invest independently or in partnership with institutional investors under standard industry terms, conditions and return expectations. Our investments range across an array of sectors, with an emphasis on cleantech and inclusive trade.

Who is eligible?

We provide equity capital solutions to established Canadian companies that want to accelerate their international growth. We take a minority equity position—up to 25% ownership—and don’t seek control positions. Our goal is to provide flexible investment solutions over the long term.

We invest across a broad range of business sectors including priority sectors of cleantech and inclusive trade.


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A focus on international impact

  • For Canadian companies with annual revenues of $10 million to $300 million, we provide later-stage investments of $5 million to $50 million or more, with additional follow-on investing capabilities.
  • We provide equity or equity-linked investment solutions and capital is provided primarily through direct equity investment. 
  • We can lead or co-lead financings or participate as part of a syndicate of investors.
  • Canadian companies can also access capital through EDC’s Investment Matching Program and indirectly via our fund investments.


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Capital for earlier stage companies

  • Emerging companies with annual revenues of $500,000 to $10 million can potentially access up to $10 million in investment, inclusive of follow-on capabilities.  
  • Support is provided primarily through EDC’s Investment Matching Program, as well as indirectly via our fund investments.
  • We partner with aligned and qualified private sector institutional investors and match a wide range of equity or equity-linked investment structures.
  • EDC has developed specific programs to support our strategic priorities involving cleantech and inclusive trade. 
    • Businesses owned and led by people identifying as women, Indigenous, Black and other  dimensions of diversity may be eligible for investment under the Inclusive Trade Investments Program.


Additional Criteria

Our program is focused on providing growth capital to privately held Canadian companies with an established business model, commercial revenues and an international growth strategy. Outside of our investment parameters are companies that are at a pre-revenue or seed stage; that are distressed or publicly traded; those whose primary focus is real estate investment, direct resource extraction or pharmaceutical development; or companies with a carbon-intensive business model.



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“EDC supported us by being agile during the funding process and by allowing us to solidify and grow our presence in the United Sates. Our Account Manager really took the time to understand our business model which made such a difference in tailoring the solution to our business needs. EDC’s support is leveling the playing field for Bus.com, a diverse-led business and supporting us in modernizing the charter bus industry.”

-- Catherine Desaulniers Lamy, Corporate Finance Manager, Bus.com

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“As a long-time customer of EDC, I couldn't be more grateful for the unparalleled support and guidance they've provided throughout Sheertex's growth journey. […] Since their first investment, EDC has been a true partner [... and] a trusted sounding board. I truly appreciate EDC's commitment to our success and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with this patient, easy-to-work-with, and deeply caring investor.”

-- Katherine Homuth, Founder/CEO, Sheertex

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“Equisoft has been a customer of Export Development Canada for 15 years. […] As our global expansion efforts accelerated, so did the nature of our partnership. EDC’s investments team […] designed and delivered a bespoke capital solution that aligned well with our business needs and my long-term goals as a founder.”

-- Luis Romero, Founder & CEO, Equisoft

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“EDC’s financial solution helped change our sales dynamic. Price is less of a sticking point. Instead, the conversation is all about: Do you like the solution? Does it work for you? Being able to implement our solution more broadly certainly delivers a greater impact for our customers.”

-- Kurtis McBride, CEO, Miovision


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Growth Capital Solutions

We deliver

We deliver: 

  • Direct investments: By leading or co-leading direct equity investments.
  • Co-investments: Through strategic investment programs, like the EDC Investment Matching Program where we invest alongside qualified investment partners.  
  • Fund investments: By investing in Canadian venture capital and private equity funds which, in turn, provide growth and succession capital to Canadian companies.

Our Program

  • Has deployed more than $3 billion in capital.
  • Has supported more than 200 Canadian companies through direct and matching program investments.
  • Has invested in more than 100 Canadian private equity and venture capital funds. 
  • Supports a broad range of business sectors including priority sectors of cleantech and inclusive trade.
  • Aims to address the lack of equitable access to capital for equity seeking groups through the Inclusive Trade Investments Program.

And many more



The EDC Advantage

We’re a trusted partner for Canadian companies. As a strategic investor, we’re well-aligned with management, shareholders and other stakeholders. Our goal is to help your business succeed—we measure our success by your success.

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We can add value through multiple ways and provide:

  • Patient and flexible equity and junior capital solutions
  • Strong ability to follow-on and provide continued growth support
  • Tailored financial solutions to meet complex transaction requirements
  • Multi-sector approach and multi-product capabilities
  • International business knowledge and networks
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Solutions developed for companies engaged in international growth

EDC is focused on helping Canadian companies increase their share of international business opportunities. We provide specialized international trade solutions to help minimize the risks of doing business in global markets.




Find out if our investment solutions are a match for your business

If you’re an existing customer, contact your EDC relationship manager to discuss your growth capital plans.

Engaged with a venture capital or private equity investor? Ask them to reach out to EDC to start the conversation at 1-800-229-0575 or by sending us a question.

Not sure where to go next? Click through to learn more about our Investment Matching Program and our Inclusive Trade Investments Program or send us a question.


Date modified: 2023-11-24