The FITTskills Lite Learning Series has expanded! More topics, more international business knowledge – all for free.

Sharpen your global business skills and boost your know-how with modules on cash flow, international contracts, foreign exchange risk, IP protection and much more. Get what you need in less than 1 hour per topic.


We’ve hand-picked the best resources to help you focus on your growth and navigate the global pandemic. Discover our top recommendations below.


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Cash Flow Management:

Learn what impacts your cash flow, what changes you can make to improve your cash flow, how to make projections, and how to develop a cash flow plan.


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Analyzing and Mitigating Currency/Foreign Exchange Risk:

Learn how currency/foreign exchange risks affect you, how to select the best risk mitigation and foreign exchange strategies.


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Analyzing and Mitigating Commercial Risk:

Learn how to identify all key areas of potential risk, measure risk probability, and develop a plan to mitigate them.


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International Contracts and Partnership Agreements:

Learn how each party’s rights and obligations are defined, what international rules govern your contracts, and how to settle disputes if they arise.


Why try FITTskills Lite?

You’re busy, you’ve got problems to solve and you’re looking for answers you can trust. EDC and the Forum for International Trade Training’s FITTskills Lite Learning Series has just what you need. Based on the acclaimed FITTskills program, our free resources are full of expert insights and knowledge you can use right away.


Free and fast learning

Focus only on the topics that matter to you. Read through a topic in an hour, then move onto the next – all at no cost to you.

No exams or deadlines

Download each resource and learn anywhere at any time – with no exams or deadlines. FITTskills Lite is perfect for on-the-go learning via mobile or desktop.

Direct from industry experts

Credibility matters. FITTskills Lite offers industry-backed resources you can trust from expert international trade professionals.

Try before you buy

FITTskills Lite is a great way to try out the acclaimed FITTskills program before you commit to more in-depth learning. Download our free resources to sample the FITT learning experience.


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