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Identify target market

8 methods to identify your target market

Article August 17, 2018 Developing a strategic research approach is a good starting point to help you pick the right target market.

Gain a global avantage concurrentiel

How innovation can help you gain a competitive edge

Article August 16, 2018 Whether making sustaining improvements or creating something entirely new to disrupt, innovation can help you emerge as a market leader.

EDC Peter Hall: Canada diversification in Asia

Canada’s diversification in Asia

Video August 16, 2018 Asia is the world’s hot-growth zone. And it’s likely to heat up more in the near term, as global growth ramps up.

International network essential for business

Connections: Why an international network is essential

Article August 15, 2018 The most successful companies in global trade have strong networks and know how to leverage them.

service exporters

I was an exporter and I didn’t know it

Blog August 14, 2018 If you’re a small online service provider, you may not even think of yourself as an exporter. Here’s why you should, and how you can further expand your business internationally.

currency exchange risk

Currency exchange risk: how to handle the ups and downs

Blog August 13, 2018 Think there’s nothing you can do about currency exchange risk? Discover why ignoring it can carry a hidden cost for your company – and how you can manage the risk.

The Commodity Tracker

The Commodity Tracker

Guide Commodity prices can impact exporting, world trade and your business, but you can stay abreast of prices and other indicators with this at-a-glance report.

Integrating innovation into a business growth strategy

Integrating innovation into growth strategy offers competitive edge

Video August 10, 2018 Ottawa bio-tech company Spartan Bioscience put innovation at the forefront of its business growth strategy to be a globally-competitive firm.

What employees want: finding skilled talent

What employees want: How to compete for talent

Article August 09, 2018 Canadian firms must be competitive employers if they want to recruit and retain employees to go international.

EDC Peter Hall: Feelin’ Groovy

Feelin’ Groovy

Video August 09, 2018 It's summer, and everyone's feeling good; will it last into the autumn?