Since 1944, we have been experts in international trade. We manage and take on risk, making it safer for Canadian businesses to grow beyond our borders. Our unique suite of solutions can help you offset the risks of doing business abroad, finance your deal, and access the working capital you need.

Manage risk

Manage risk

Our tools and expertise protect your reputation and bottom line. Our risk-management solutions help safeguard your cash flow, ensure you get paid and avoid commercial and political risk consequences.

Secure financing

Secure financing

Offer competitive payment terms, get direct financing for key deals or gain an experienced partner in EDC for financing high-value, high-stakes international projects.

Grow working capital

Grow working capital

Our bonding and guarantee support provides breathing room to pursue opportunities without depleting your precious working capital.

We’ve been helping large and small Canadian companies grow their business abroad since 1944. Put the experience of Canada’s international trade experts to work for you.



Risk management solutions

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance protects you in the event of non-payment by your customers. It helps you access more cash through your bank and allows you to offer competitive payment terms to customers.

EDC Advance Payment Insurance (CapEx)

Protect your business by insuring the advance payments you make on capital or quasi-capital goods. EDC Advance Payment Insurance (CapEx) covers up to 90% of your financial losses.


Performance Security Insurance

Working with a new customer in another country for the first time can expose many unknowns. We help you manage the risk of a buyer calling a guarantee due to specific commercial and political risks.

Risk Solution – Export Development Canada




Working capital solutions

Working Capital Solution – Export Development Canada

Export Guarantee Program

Whether you need working capital, financing to expand your export business or cash to set up a foreign affiliate, we can help grow your borrowing capacity. By offering your financial institution a guarantee of repayment, we make it easier to access the money you require to move forward.

Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

Fluctuating exchange rates keep many exporters up at night — and so do the collateral requirements that go along with hedging foreign exchange. With our guarantee in place, you can avoid posting collateral to your foreign exchange contract provider.

Account Performance Security Guarantee

Protect your cash flow by having the guarantees your customers need issued without having to put up cash or credit to the issuer as collateral. With our support, you get the benefit of pre-approval and a predictable rate for your guarantees, making it easier to go after opportunities when they arise.

Surety bonds

Give your surety bond provider the confidence to give you the fullest possible coverage.


Working Capital Solution – Export Development Canada

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