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Global Economic Outlook: Mapping the road ahead

Get the insights you need to protect and grow your business in today’s volatile economic and political climate.                                                         


Shipping containers and truck

The global supply chain: Turning crisis into opportunity

Expert insights on how to protect your business against disruptions now and in the future.

A worker looking out from ship to offshore wind farm

Net zero by 2050: What it will mean for your business

Find out how achieving zero emissions could impact your company’s international growth.




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On-Demand Webinars

Two people smiling and looking at a tablet. One individual is holding a piece of paper.

Understanding the fine print of global contracts

Webinar Learn how to avoid risk in global business and grow your company successfully with well-written contracts

Two individuals talking outside and looking at the horizon.

From local to global: How to strategize your marketing

Webinar Understand and develop a marketing strategy to help generate demand in foreign markets.

Three individual smiling and facing one other person. One of them is shaking hands with one person.

Grow your business with mergers and acquisitions

Webinar Learn everything you need to know about mergers and acquisitions to grow your business abroad.

A truck on the road in a cloudy and dark landscape

Managing risks: 2022 learnings and 2023 forecasts

Webinar Look back at the challenges Canadian companies faced in 2022 and ahead at the emerging risks for 2023.

Two women smiling and facing two other people. One of the women is shaking hands with one person.

Women in trade: Strategies to grow your business

Webinar Learn how you can attract international buyers to grow your business globally.

Three individuals discussing and smiling while standing up

Stronger together: Benefits of Indigenous partnerships

Webinar Find out how partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies in Canada can pay off in a big way.

Co-workers looking at charts on a laptop

From local to global: Get financing to grow your business

Webinar When it comes to getting financial support to grow your business, preparation is key. Learn how with our webinar.

Co-workers discussing and looking at a tablet

How to build a winning export strategy

Webinar Learn how to develop your own export strategy to grow your business in new markets outside Canada.

Business colleagues discussing project

Global economic outlook: Mapping the road ahead

Webinar Get the insights you need to protect and grow your business in today’s volatile economic and political climate.

AskEDC Webinars

AskEDC: Doing business in Australia

Webinar Find out how to help your business thrive in Australian markets.

Co-workers looking at monitor

Digital transformation: Your key to export success

Webinar Find out how taking your business digital can help you achieve your most ambitious international goals.

Woman working on business reports

Navigating tax requirements in international markets

Webinar Learn what you need to know about the rules of foreign sales tax and how they apply to your business.

A woman biologist looks at plant samples

How women-led companies can access new markets & capital

Webinar Join our webinar to learn how women entrepreneurs can access new markets and capital to grow their business.

Indigenous jeweller working in his studio

How Indigenous companies can get support for exporting

Webinar Learn about programs that help Indigenous exporters to access capital and enter new markets.

An engineer standing in front of an industrial machine with his laptop talks on the phone

The New NAFTA: How to leverage CUSMA to enter new markets

Webinar Explore key changes from NAFTA to CUSMA and learn how to leverage the trade deal to enter into new markets.

A young woman and man sitting in a cafe read information from a laptop open in front of them.

Incoterms® 2020: The new rules of trade

Webinar Get up to speed on the new Incoterms® 2020 rules, how rules of origin work, and how to leverage free trade agreements.


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