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In today’s complex global landscape, knowledge is the key to your business’ survival—and to its ultimate success. But finding everything you need to know can be tough.
That’s why we created MyEDC.


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Your MyEDC membership means instant access to the solutions you need to
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EDC Live Webinars

Get authoritative insights and opinion on the subjects that matter most to your business from an ever-changing panel of world-class trade professionals. 

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Export Help Hub

Detailed answers about trade, taxes, financing and more, to help you turn your challenges into solutions. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our in-house team of experts is standing by to help.

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EDC Company InSight                

Get an insider view of thousands of businesses around the world using our Company InSight engine. Our experts are ready to profile any company not already included in EDC’s extensive database—just let us know.

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EDC-FITT Lite Learning Series

Build practical business skills and get the foundation for full Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) certification, backed by the gold-standard credentials of the globally recognized Forum for International Trade Training (FITT).

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EDC Market Reports         

Get the facts on what’s really happening in the complex area of global trade—and find out what’s coming next—with EDC’s market reports and forecasts.

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EDC InList

Finding contacts you can trust takes time and resources. InList does the work for you, drawing on EDC's global network to connect you with reliable freight forwarders in Canada and around the world.

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EDC Business Connections

Build your network and fast-track your company growth. We may even be able to help connect your business to major international players and the opportunities they can offer.

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EDC Business Connections - Virtual Event Series

Your industry can be tough, but we have the experience to help. Our speakers share their biggest challenges and hardest-won victories, and can show you where to find the biggest opportunities.

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Tell us about your business and your goals so we can connect you with the most relevant content right away.



Get the answers and insight you need to grow your business—and overcome your toughest business challenges. 



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Date modified: 2023-07-28