Win more sales with Buyer Financing

Price and quality have always been crucial considerations in purchasing decisions, but more of your customers are looking for financing options. We can help you gain a competitive edge by providing Buyer Financing to your international customer—and taking on the risk of non-payment for you.

Set your business apart from the competition with Buyer Financing

Here’s how Buyer Financing works:

1. You provide EDC with the export contract and credit information on your foreign buyer and EDC completes the credit review and approval process.

2. Once the review is approved,  EDC issues a loan agreement to your buyer and alerts you, the exporter.

3. The payment to you is usually triggered by EDC’s receipt of a buyer-approved invoice and EDC holds responsibility for collecting payment from your buyer and administering the loan.

EDC wants to ensure the Buyer Financing solution is the right option for your business. Several details determine eligibility; your customer’s credit rating, transaction details and other determining factors.  

Contact us to learn about our program criteria and how we can help you with Buyer Financing.

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Date modified: 2017-09-28