Corporate Reports

Each  year, we produce an annual report which presents our results against our business strategies, performance measures and targets set forth in our corporate plan. We also produce an annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report to provide accountability to our stakeholders on the economic, environmental and social impacts of operations, as well as the overall governance of our CSR practices.

Annual reports


Annual Report 2017

Trade Unlimited

Annual Report 2017

The nature of the opportunities and risks facing Canadian companies doing business internationally is evolving. 

Changing Trade

Changing Trade

Annual Report 2016

At Export Development Canada, we measure success one way: our impact in helping Canadian companies compete and win in an increasingly complex trade environment.

Corporate social responsibility annual reports


2017 Corportate social responsibility report

Doing business, better

2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

At EDC, we’re working to promote a better way of doing business—by helping Canadian exporters operate responsibly and by joining forces with stakeholders to raise the bar on sustainability standards and practices. 

2016 Corporate social responsibility report

Doing better together

2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Helping Canadian businesses succeed, safeguarding people and the environment, and acting responsibly.

Visit the Annual Public Forum summary

The forum is an opportunity to learn more about EDC and ask questions about our policies, business model, corporate priorities, and guiding principles.