Why you need Portfolio Credit Insurance

Your accounts receivable can represent close to half your balance sheet. Protect your profits with Portfolio Credit Insurance, and get covered for 90% of your insured losses if a customer doesn’t pay. 

Protect your profits. Here’s what Portfolio Credit Insurance covers.

  • Your customer declares bankruptcy
  • Your customer defaults on their payment
  • Your foreign customer refuses to accept the goods
  • Your customer terminates your contract before you ship
  • Hostilities in a particular market that prevent your foreign customer from paying
  • Cancellation of export/import permits
  • Issues with currency conversion or transfer
  • When purchasing Portfolio Credit Insurance, you also have the option of covering your domestic sales through our partnership with another insurer


  • The loss relates to goods shipped when your customer was already in default of its payment obligation
  • Your customer is disputing the amount they owe you (we can only pay once the dispute is settled and the amount owing by the customer is clearly established)
  • A complete list of exclusions to coverage will be set out in the Policy

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