EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance

EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance

Insure your sales to protect your business as you grow.

Why you need EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance

Your accounts receivable can be close to half your balance sheet. Protect your profits with EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance, and get covered for 90% of your insured losses if a customer can’t pay.

Increased cash flow

When you insure your contracts, your bank is more willing to lend against your invoices up to 90% of their value.

Credit management

We’re experts in doing business outside of Canada. We can provide you with the market intelligence and relationships you need to succeed internationally.

Easy-to-use portal

Access and manage your policy any time from our online platform. You can pay premiums, report an overdue payment, submit claims, and speak to our caring support staff.

Flexible policies

Choose between policy options, and cover all sales to all your customers or just a portion.

Protect your profits. Here's what EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance covers.

  • Your customer declares bankruptcy
  • Your customer defaults on their payment
  • Your customer refuses to accept the goods
  • Your customer terminates your contract before you ship
  • Hostilities in a particular market that prevent your customer from paying
  • Cancellation of export/import permits
  • Issues with currency conversion or transfer
  • Optional coverage for domestic sales

    Do you also need coverage on sales to Canadian companies in Canada? If so, please use this 
    Credit Insurance Application Form (PDF)
  • The loss relates to goods shipped when your customer was already in default of its payment obligation
  • Your customer is disputing the amount they owe you (we can only pay once the dispute is settled and the amount owing by the customer is clearly established)
  • A complete list of exclusions to coverage will be set out in the Policy

Still have questions on credit insurance?

Speak to a Trade Advisor weekdays between 9 am to 5 pm EST.


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Alicia McCarthy

Senior Trade Advisor, EDC

Alicia McCarthy  Senior Trade Advisor, EDC