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Determine that the credit insurance policy you own falls under Portfolio Credit Insurance (PCI) by checking the policy number on your coverage certificate: It should start with CE/SE or CD/SD. If your policy number starts with TP, you have a Select Credit Insurance (SCI) policy: Access our SCI support website.



Familiarize yourself with your policy documents, the information they contain and the additional benefits of having a policy.

Managing your policy

Understand your day-to-day responsibilities in managing your policy and ensuring your sales are covered.

Using the online system

Access step-by-step instructions to completing various policy management tasks online.

How to apply for PCI

How to register your company and apply for Portfolio Credit Insurance.

Managing your policy

EDC’s credit insurance system and invoice and statement portal let you quickly and easily manage all aspects of your EDC PCI policy.

Using the online system

Access step-by-step instructions to complete various policy management tasks.


New to Portfolio Credit Insurance?

Learn how to get the most from your policy.

The video is a presentation of Export Development Canada, an overview of the portfolio credit insurance policy, claims and recoveries processes.

Not sure where to start?

Watch our TOP9 key features you need to know about the PCI portal.


Does your financial institution require you to name them on your policy/policies? In most cases, you can complete our general direction to pay online through your portal. For all other types of resources, access our resource library to find other direction to pay or tripartite forms or discretionary credit limit forms.

Need help with claims?

Download our guides to submit a successful claim.






Frequently asked questions

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Speak to our customer care team at 1-800-229-0575 or support@edc.ca.

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