How to review the status of a credit approval

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When you complete a credit limit approval for a new buyer, or modify an existing credit limit, the online system will display whether the request is approved (green check mark), declined (red “x”), or pending (hourglass image).


In cases where the decision is Pending, an underwriter requires additional time to verify and process the request. For example, a credit report may need to be ordered for your buyer. To review your pending credit decisions, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the View menu and then select My Portfolio from the list of items in the drop down menu
  2. Click on the Pending Decisions tab to view a list of credit limit requests that are currently awaiting a decision.

On this screen you can:

What appears on the screen during this step.
  1. Use the Search and Filter options to narrow the list to specific requests.
  2. Review the details of each request, including the policy, buyer, country, requested coverage amount, and currency.
  3. View the Expected Decision Date for the request.

While our goal is to provide you a credit decision by the indicated date, please be aware that the Expected Decision Date is subject to change based on the availability of credit information on your Buyer.

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Date modified: 2020-01-29