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We’re working hard to listen to your feedback and make improvements to the Portfolio Credit Insurance portal so it’s easier and faster for you to manage your insurance with EDC. Read below to better understand the changes we’ve recently made, and how they impact you. 

Recent Updates

September 2019


My Alerts 

Use the red bell at the top of your screen to easily track and take action on important tasks and notifications related to your policy


This new page allows you to easily track, and action important tasks and notifications related to your policy. Click on the red 🔔 at the top of your screen to see notifications for:

  • Sales declarations for any policies that require them, as well as their due dates
  • New policy offers, change requests, and renewal offers requiring your approval, with their due dates
  • A reminder when your policy renewal form is ready for submission, to ensure no lapse in coverage

Tip: You can make the My Alerts view the default page by setting your preference in your user profile. Learn more about My Alerts here.

Managing buyers

It’s now easier to manage your portfolio of buyers, like requesting new credit limits, increasing or decreasing a credit limit, and submitting overdues and claims. The Services button has been removed and replaced with two buttons: Manage Limit and Manage Debt for each buyer, which you can now access directly from the My Portfolio screen. 

Manage Limit and Manage Debt are now available directly from My Portfolio screen


Under Manage Limit you can:

  • Request a credit limit for a new buyer
  • Request a credit increase
  • Appeal a decision
  • Reduce a credit limit
  • Extend a temporary limit
  • Modify the buyer’s payment terms

Under Manage Debt you can:

  • Submit a claim
  • Report an overdue buyer
  • Submit a request for reimbursement of collection fees
  • Request the approval of the buyer’s repayment plan

You can read the updated instructions for managing your buyers here.

Video tutorials

To help you use our online system, we’ve created short new video tutorials to walk you through the following common policy management tasks:

Other updates

  • If your policy has a Direction to Pay or Tripartite Agreement in place, you can now view all assigned financial institution contacts, and request changes to those contacts through the portal. Click here to see the instructions. 

Note: If you need to change your financial institution, you will need to submit the Consent to the Revocation form to support@edc.ca in order to remove your existing bank before adding the new financial institution. Click here to see instructions for adding a new financial institution. 

  • The approval process for many routine policy changes during your coverage period have now been automated. That means more changes will be activated immediately without further action from you.
  • Instructional text has been added throughout the portal to help you complete policy management tasks.
  • We’ve made several improvements to the portal’s interface to make using the portal more responsive and intuitive.

Changes for brokered accounts

  • If your insurance policy with EDC is through a broker, you will now be reminded to review the policy offer with your broker before accepting the offer online.

Comments? Suggestions?

If you have any feedback about this update, or any suggestions for future improvements to the portal we would be more than happy to hear from you. Please take two minutes to complete our short survey and share your thoughts.

Need help?

Speak to our customer care team weekdays between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET at 1-866-716-7201 or support@edc.ca.