Join host Joe Mimran, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Club Monaco and Joe Fresh, to discover how Canadian businesses, like yours, are taking on the world and leaving their mark.

Uncover the strategies, tactics, and mindset shifts that can propel you toward export success and hear from industry experts and remarkable entrepreneurs who have harnessed their export impact and achieved extraordinary results.

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Joseph Mimran

CEO of Joseph Mimran & Associates Inc, Founder of Club Monaco & Joe Fresh and former Dragon on CBC Dragon’s Den

Joseph Mimran

Joe Mimran is a leading contributor to the fashion and design industry and is best-known for creating a succession of visionary brands and retail concepts, including Club Monaco, Caban, Joe Fresh, Joe Fresh Beauty and Alfred Sung. Recognized universally as having a sharp eye, impeccable attention to detail, and insight into emerging trends, Joe is always on the forefront of what’s next. Joe is also an avid investor and champions exceptional entrepreneurs.


Latest podcast episodes

Opportunities in Southeast Asian Markets

Olivia Lee is an expert on Southeast Asia, an emerging market of opportunity. She sheds light on what exporters should know about the region and how to successfully expand there. Learn more about demand in key industries that could drive international growth for Canadian businesses.

Leveraging setbacks to reach global goals

Katherine Homuth had no prior experience in the apparel industry when she invented Sheertex, but she saw an opportunity to innovate. Now, her indestructible tights are a top selling brand in the United States. Discover how this certified B Corporation is transforming the hosiery industry.

Fostering trade expertise for export success

Joe Mimran is joined by Caroline Tompkins and Trish Tully to share their in-depth knowledge about global trade. Learn how you can develop and apply key expertise in-house for long-lasting success in international markets.

Exploring doing business in India

Joe Mimran explores business opportunities in India with Éloïse Harvey, CEO of EPIQ Machinery, and Ladislau Papara, EDC’s chief representative of India’s global business development. Gain valuable insights on doing business in India.

Certn: Building trust internationally

Andrew McLeod, CEO of Certn, talks about how he built an international client base after finding a gap in the international background check industry. Learn about his journey of making Certn a global brand that’s critical to hiring processes around the world.

Challenging the status quo for global success

Joe Mimran talks with Nita Tandon, founder and CEO of Dalcini Stainless, about her challenges as a woman of colour entrepreneur and how they shaped her journey, but haven’t halted her ambition. Learn how Tandon is breaking barriers and offering safe housewares to consumers internationally.

Competing on quality in global markets

Dave Hale, CEO of Craft & Crew, talks about his company’s journey— from its transformation into a multi-brand marketing powerhouse to finding a sweet spot in the post-pandemic business world. Follow along as Hale walks us through his strategic road map and explains how he built and grew an international client base.

Gazing east: Canada's markets of the future

Lyne Jacques, Miovision’s chief revenue officer, and Sven List, senior vice-president, Corporate and International at Export Development Canada, offer key insights on trading in the Indo-Pacific. Learn from experts on the future of trade in this region for Canadian businesses.

Taking on motherhood & international markets

From Canada to France, Australia to the Middle East, owners of Malarkey Kids, Monika Buna and Rachael Petch, talk about venturing into the world of baby products. Follow along as they share insights on their global expansion journey, how they plan to keep growing, and tips on work-life balance.

Unwrapping success: Mid-Day Squares’ chocolate story

Host Joe Mimran sits down with Jake Karls, Co-founder of Mid-Day Squares, to talk about the power of using storytelling as a marketing strategy. Learn how building a loyal audience through social media helped this Montreal-based company find sweet success in the global chocolate industry.

Empowering communications around the world

Joe Mimran hosts Nick Chinappi of IT International Telecom discussing the company’s resilience during COVID-19. They delve into the underwater fibre optic cable industry, detailing struggles and global opportunities that fuelled the company’s growth during challenging times.

100 years of success with Premier Tech

Joe Mimran discusses Premier Tech’s remarkable century of growth—from a small Canadian firm to a global industry leader—with CEO Jean Bélanger.

Creating media through international connections

Explore BroadbandTV Corp.’s (BBTV) diverse journey from startup to global success, with CEO Shahrzad Rafati. Discover BBTV’s unique blend of inclusion and profitability, empowering creators worldwide to reach 600 million monthly viewers.

South Korea: A world of business potential

A global hub for high-tech goods, digital innovation and advanced manufacturing technology, South Korea is the fourth-largest economy in Asia, and 10th largest in the world. EDC has identified South Korea as a “hidden gem” for Canadian companies.

Success through sustainable modern living with Goodee

Byron and Dexter Peart, co-founders of Goodee, chat with host, Joe Mimran about their company’s humble beginnings and how exporting to the United States lead to partnerships with suppliers from 20+ countries around the world.

Clean innovations with Pyrowave’s Jocelyn Doucet

Joe Mimran sits down with Jocelyn Doucet, CEO and founder of Pyrowave, a pioneer in the electrification of low-carbon plastics for non-renewable energy. Their technology has helped sectors worldwide convert non-renewable energy into renewable energy for a cleaner future.

Sustainable fishing with Baffin Fisheries

Podcast host Joe Mimran sits down with Baffin Fisheries’ Chris Flanagan, the CEO of an Inuit-owned fishery dedicated to sustainable sourcing in the Arctic to the benefit of Nunavut. Discover how the company is competitive on the global stage and overcomes industry challenges.

Agri-food: The sector feeding the future

On this episode of the Export Impact Podcast, host Joe Mimran speaks with Ashley Kanary, Export Development Canada’s global agri-food director. He shares how we help Canadian companies identify international growth opportunities and offers tips on the agri-food industry’s growth potential.

Meet EDC’s podcast host: Joseph Mimran

Listen to EDC podcast host , Joe Mimran, well-known Canadian fashion designer and entrepreneur, as he offers insights on how he got involved in the f industry and why he created his own brands, including Club Monaco and Joe Fresh. He’ll also share tips for success.

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