Transparency and Disclosure

Our Transparency and Disclosure Policy details how we publicly release information on transactions at aggregate and individual levels.


As Canada’s export credit agency, we understand that transparency and disclosure are integral to EDC’s business, to facilitating accountability and oversight, and to building trust and promoting meaningful dialogue with our stakeholders. 

EDC’s Transparency and Disclosure Policy sets out a framework for the proactive disclosure of information pertaining to our business in a manner that balances the confidentiality required by our customers with the information sought by interested Canadians. It is intended to provide clarity for all audiences, including our employees, customers, members of civil society, and the general public.

The Policy, initially introduced in 2001, was updated in 2022 to help make EDC more open, clear and responsive to the needs of its stakeholders. 

Disclosure overview at a glance

Reporting on transactions

We report individual transaction information on all financing (including guarantees) and equity transactions. For insurance services, EDC provides aggregate public reporting for its signed transactions. Our obligation as an insurance provider is to protect the confidentiality and competitiveness of our customers.

Public queries                

We post formal enquiries to the President and CEO or Chair of the Board of Directors as well as EDC’s response.

Travel and hospitality

We report aggregate corporate expenses related to travel and hospitality for our CEO and senior executives.

Info source

The functions, programs, activities and related information holdings of government institutions subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act

Public servants disclosure protection act

Reporting on conflict of interest and wrongdoing.

Access to Information and Privacy                     

Information about access to information and privacy at EDC.

Other Annual Reporting

Starting in 2021, EDC will disclose the aggregate number of prospective financing transactions that did not proceed and prospective financing customers that were not onboarded due in whole or in part to risks related to corporate sustainability and responsibility.

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2023 Annual Report

Detailed information on our performance measures and highlights.


Date modified: 2024-05-23