Public queries

Transparency and Disclosure


EDC recognizes the importance of an open and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders about the business we undertake. EDC will respond to any formal concerns raised by interested parties within 30 days of receipt. Should there be a delay in response, EDC will communicate with the requestor to advise of the change. 

Formal enquiries are defined as a letter addressed to the President and CEO or the Chair of the Board of Directors seeking further information about business EDC has undertaken, or policies and practices of the organization.

Date received Subject Query Response
September 2020 Export Credit Agencies and a climate positive COVID-19 response Letter from Oil Change International and partners Letter from Mairead Lavery
March 2020 Coastal GasLink Project  Petitions from 350.0rg, Letter from Mairead Lavery
March 2020 Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) Petition from Amnesty International Canada Letter from Mairead Lavery