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Direct Lending

Get financing to sell into markets outside of Canada.

Expand internationally faster with Direct Lending

Need financial help for your international expansion plans? Whether your company is large or small, we can offer direct financing to your company or your foreign affiliate through a secured loan.

Expand international operations

A direct loan can help support your expansion plans, including financing equipment, facilities, or the establishment or the expansion of a foreign affiliate.

Grow sales in new markets

Financing lets you increase your capacity, allowing you to take on more export contracts and cover your work-in-progress costs.

Take a risk-positive outlook

We have a higher risk appetite than commercial banks in various markets, and can supplement bank lending capacity.

Get financing flexibility

A loan can be made directly to your Canadian company in support of its international investment, or to your foreign affiliate, secured by the foreign assets.

Get the financing you need with Direct Lending

Get financing for the range of loans you need, including bilateral loans, club deals, or syndicated loans:
  • various lending structures are possible
  • EDC lending support is priced based on the level of risk and the market involved

EDC wants to ensure our Direct Lending solution is the right option for your business. Criteria varies around financial health, business plan and other reports.

Contact us to learn about our program criteria and how we can help you with Direct Lending.

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Alicia McCarthy

Senior Trade Advisor, EDC

Alicia McCarthy  Senior Trade Advisor, EDC