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Our commitment to accessibility

EDC is committed to creating accessible, inclusive, and equal experiences for our customers, our employees, and Canadians. Our initial accessibility plan describes EDC actions over the next three years to prevent or remove barriers to accessibility for all, specifically people with disabilities, to support the Accessible Canada Act (ACA) goal of a barrier-free Canada by 2040.


Split image – On the left, a person is holding a large cardboard shipping box. On the right, this box changes into a shipping container on a cargo ship.

Our customers

We partner with accessibility subject matter experts to support the growth and success of Canadian exporters.

Four team members of different ages and diversity groups gathered around a laptop. One person is using forearm crutches while standing.

Our employees

We collaborate with disability partners to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace for current and future employees. 

Three young adults walking on a campus with books in their arms.


We invest in our communities so Canadians with disabilities have more opportunities to succeed.



Description of feedback processes

We welcome your feedback to improve the accessibility of our services, programs, and products. 

  • Use any of the ways EDC communicates with the public to share feedback with our Accessibility lead.
  • Include your contact information to receive an acknowledgement of receipt, or to request alternate formats of our plan or description of feedback processes.
  • You can also share feedback anonymously.

Ways to share accessibility feedback

Canadians who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired can register with Canada VRS, a free service, to access and make telephone calls. Canada VRS callers are connected to a sign language interpreter who provides real time interpretation for the call.

How we use and safeguard your information

  • Accessibility feedback submitted through our communication channels is shared with our Accessibility lead. 
  • Your feedback may be shared as required with other teams supporting accessibility at EDC to help respond to feedback and to support accessibility activities.
  • When feedback includes contact information, we will respond using the same communication method in which feedback was shared. 
  • Other than anonymous feedback, we will acknowledge receipt of all feedback within five (5) business days.
  • Any personal information shared with EDC is used and safeguarded in accordance with EDC’s Privacy Notice
  • When sharing feedback, avoid sharing sensitive personal information, such as medical information or a social insurance number. 
  • Accessibility feedback shared with EDC will be summarized in yearly reports and retained in accordance with ACA reporting and record keeping requirements. 


Date modified: 2023-12-13