Reporting on transactions

Transparency and Disclosure


Disclosing relevant information is a key element of accountability. As our disclosure policy dictates, we share the following:

D1. Aggregate quarterly reporting

We disclose information on our insurance and financing activities in a way that protects the competitive position of our customers and the confidential information that they entrust to us in the normal course of business. Aggregated information disclosed normally contains at least 10 data points. Information is updated quarterly, no later than 60 days after each quarter's end. We report business facilitated by:

Last updated: March 31, 2024

D2. Individual transaction reporting

We report individual transaction information on all financing (including guarantees), political risk insurance to lenders, and equity transactions. Individual transaction information will be posted after signing (normally within 90 days).

Transactions are often governed by binding confidentiality agreements. We are committed to seeking the necessary legal consents in order to minimize the number of exceptions to this type of disclosure and exceptions are generally limited to cases where there is a compelling reason for confidentiality.

The following table contains transactions signed within the current year.

Individual Transaction Information

Access EDC’s archive of historical individual transaction disclosures

For more environmental information on signed Category A and B projects, including the standards used for our environmental review, as well as the type of environmental information reviewed, please read the tables below.

D3. Environmental and social reporting

Where we are considering support in the form of financing, political risk insurance, or equity to the sponsor of a project classified as Category A under our environmental and social review directive, we seek consent from clients to inform the public via our website that we are considering this support. We also provide information on signed Category A and B projects, including the environmental standards used to review those projects and the information reviewed.

When we are considering support, we require that all project sponsors of Category A projects to: (i) publicly release available environmental impact information; and (ii) consent to informing the public via their websites that they are considering supporting a Category A project.

Category A projects under consideration

If we are unable to provide public notification 60 days in advance of support for a Category A project, a justification is provided.

Category A projects where prior disclosure was less than 60 days

Under our disclosure policy, we provide detail on Category A and B projects approved for support, including applicable environmental standards and type of environmental information reviewed.

Signed Category A projects prior to November 1, 2010 

Signed Category A projects after November 1, 2010 

Signed Category B projects 

The information disclosed above also includes transactions related to Category A and B projects. Categorization is a screening tool undertaken early on when we are first approached to support a project. Categorization is made on the basis of potential impacts, prior to the consideration of mitigation measures. Information requirements and the depth of EDC’s review are linked to the project categorization. The categories are:

Category A: projects with potential significant adverse environmental or social effects that are sensitive, diverse, or unprecedented.

Category B: projects with potential environmental or social effects that are less adverse than the potential effects of Category A projects.

Category C: projects with minimal or no adverse environmental or social effects.

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