How to report an overdue buyer

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To report an overdue buyer, follow these steps:

Ensure you understand the obligations under your policy for reporting an overdue.

You should always refer to the "Claims and Overdue" section of your Coverage Certificate for the details of reporting overdue accounts and to determine the claims waiting period that applies to your policy. For steps for how to view your Coverage Certificate, see How to view policy details.

1. Click on the My Portfolio menu. On the Portfolio tab, select the overdue buyer from the list of approved buyers.

There are several ways to select your buyer:

  • If your buyer is formally approved on your policy, you can search for your buyer via the Search functionality on the left hand side of the My Portfolio screen to filter your buyer list.
  • If you have multiple policies, you can also filter your buyers by policy number; export policy numbers contain a “E” and domestic policies contain a “D”.
  • If your buyer is not formally approved on your policy (being covered, for example, through your discretionary credit limit), you can add the buyer by clicking Add and then completing the steps below.
The My Portfolio menu

2. Once you have selected your buyer, click on Manage Debt. 

If you have multiple policies (such as export and domestic), you will be prompted to select the policy before the Manage Debt menu displays.

If your buyer is Canadian and is covered under both an export and domestic policy, you will need to report the overdue under both polices. 

The Manage Debt button is also available in the top right corner of the buyer details screen. You can access buyer details by selecting a buyer and clicking on Details.

Select a policy before the Manage Debt menu displays

3. Select Report an Overdue Buyer from the pop-up window.

The Manage Debt option list

4. Complete the following three tabs of the Overdue Notification screen:

  • On the General Information tab, fill out the buyer’s contact information fields.
  • On the Overdue Details tab, fill out all the required fields. Read and scroll through the Collection Service Agreement (if applicable) and the Claim Terms and Conditions, making sure to click the “I Agree” checkbox.
  • On the Documents/Comments tab, add any relevant comments and documents such as statements of account, proof of debt, proof of shipment, credit information and relevant correspondence.
How to make a declaration 1

5. When all tabs are complete, click on the Submit button.

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Date modified: 2019-03-12