As we head into summer, the global economic outlook is acutely volatile. The conflict in Ukraine has had a magnified impact on Canadian businesses that were already reeling from the lingering effects of the global pandemic. 

It can feel like an impossible challenge to understand how your business will be impacted in a global economy being rocked by labour shortages, rising interest rates and widespread market disruption—or to know how you can protect and even grow your business in such an environment.

We can help. In our new webinar, Global economic outlook: Mapping the road ahead, Stuart Bergman, EDC’s vice-president and chief economist, will provide a detailed update on the risks and opportunities you’ll face in the current economy and give you the vital insights to support your company’s continued growth.

Join us live Wednesday, June 29, 2022 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET to learn:

  • EDC Economics’ latest analysis on the international business environment, including growth for key economies, commodity prices, interest rates and exchange rates
  • How rapidly changing global events are shaping the global economic outlook
  • The prospects for recovery in both developing and emerging markets
  • Central banks’ monetary policy decisions and the implications for exporters
  • The nature and extent of supply chain disruptions and their impact on inflation and commodity prices

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