Export Development Canada can match investments of up to $5 million in capital

With a goal of accelerating the growth of Canadian businesses, we’ll work with your venture capital or private equity investor(s) to increase the capital available to you—under their commercial terms. With expedited approval within 10 business days*, we can help you access more capital to grow your business.

As a female founder of a software company exploring the various funding programs available to me, efficiency is key. What really blew me away about EDC was how quick the Investment Matching Program funding process was compared to all other fundraising processes I’ve been through. Knowing that EDC was investing in Plum gave other investors confidence and boosted the amount of capital available to us in that round of funding. We used the additional capital to help bridge a gap and set us up to replicate the success we’ve had in Canada in the United States by growing our enterprise accounts in that country. The fact that EDC is helping to level the playing field by increasing their support for diverse-owned and -led businesses by fostering inclusion, diversity and equity is well-aligned with Plum’s values, and made our decision to work with them that much easier.

Caitlin MacGregor  —  CEOPlum.io Inc

With a streamlined review and approval process, you can get approved for up to $5 million within 10 business days*

  1. You connect with your venture capital or private equity investor to let them know you’re interested in the EDC Investment Matching Program.
  2. Your investor will connect with EDC to find out if they qualify. 
  3. If they qualify, your investor will share their investment memorandum (detailing their due diligence) with EDC.
  4. Your investor will then enter into an agreement to share additional information with EDC. 
  5. EDC will reach out to you and your investor(s) to gather information, verify due diligence and understand the investment opportunity. 
  6. Upon completion of expedited diligence, you can be approved within 10 business days*.
  • Small- or medium- sized businesses, with more than C$500,000 in revenue (maximum eligible revenue is C$300 million). 
  • At EDC, we know that responsible and sustainable business is a proven formula for long-term success. That's why we have an enhanced risk appetite with our Investment Matching Program for smaller companies in the cleantech industry and/or inclusive trade businesses.
  • Have international growth as a key priority of your growth plans if you’re not already doing business internationally. 
  • Have an established relationship with a qualified institutional venture capital or private equity investor (as an existing investor or at the term sheet stage).

*Approval is not assured, and meeting eligibility criteria is only a step in EDC’s expedited review process. Opportunities are assessed by EDC in its sole discretion on a commercial basis, including fit with EDC strategy and corporate standards, including ESG, from receipt of all required information. Following approval, closing the transaction can take approximately 4-8 weeks.



Confidently put your growth and commercialization plans into action

With our program, you can:

  • Get the momentum you need to grow your business outside of Canada
  • Get quick access to reliable capital
  • Leverage our established partnerships



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We can help.

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Date modified: 2022-02-07