At Export Development Canada (EDC), we believe that good environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are key to the long-term growth and success of our customers and Canada’s prosperity. Strong ESG practices mitigate risks, open doors to new opportunities, drive innovation, attract top talent and strengthen the social and economic fabric of our communities.

Our approach to ESG

Image of a wheel with 3 core sections for environment, social and governance connected to the UN sustainable development goals of high priority to EDC.

ESG is at the centre of everything we do and is integral to our customer value proposition. Four objectives underpin our approach:  

  • Make ESG a prominent and standard feature across the organization, embedded in our culture, communication and reporting  
  • Support customers in considering ESG in the evolution and competitiveness of their business
  • Demonstrate leadership among export credit agencies and influence among financial institutions
  • Provide additional support for growing and emerging sectors of the Canadian economy in alignment with strong ESG principles and practices 



Image of older women with tablet at fruit plantation representing sustainable responsible business and the environment.


Today, the economy and environment are no longer a binary choice: they’re two sides of the same coin. We’re committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and working collaboratively to enable sustainable, responsible opportunities for our customers and Canada’s economy.

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Image of two women with mobile phone, notepad and tablets flourishing in an inclusive, equitable workspace.


People are at the heart of everything we do—from our employees and communities to our customers and those impacted by their operations. We’re working to help build a more equitable and inclusive society that respects human rights and enables people to flourish. 

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Image of multi-ethnic group of business people managing ESG governance.


It’s our job to take on risk so Canadians can take on the world. We take a rigorous approach to good ESG governance, business integrity and risk management to ensure we’re operating responsibly and sustainably.

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Canada wins when more exporters become global champions through responsible business growth, which is why environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices underpin EDC’s corporate strategy. We know that good trade can drive positive impact for Canada, the planet and its people.

Mairead Lavery  —  President and CEOExport Development Canada

Sustainable finance

As Canada transitions to a net zero economy, we have a unique opportunity to catalyze that change through sustainable financing. 
We’re increasing support for businesses aligned with the net zero transition through mechanisms such as cleantech solutions, sustainable bonds, sustainability-linked lending and information on trends and practices.

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Picture of a hand holding a globe to symbolize ESG risk management with a person in the background representing Canadian exporters.

ESG risk management and customers

As Canada’s export credit agency, EDC is in the business of assessing risk. It’s through the assumption of risk that we’re able to help Canadian companies take on the world. To protect our business and the Canadian exporters we serve, we work hard to assess risks and manage them wisely.

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Picture of magnifying glass, people and book symbolizing ESG material topics relevant to EDC.


Our materiality assessments help us identify, understand and manage the ESG risks and opportunities that matter most to our business and stakeholders.

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Picture of a bar chart and line graph representing ESG metrics at EDC.


We track ESG metrics to measure our performance against key indicators and remain transparent with our stakeholders about our plans and progress.

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Picture of a globe with 3 people in front of it representing ESG best practices that EDC is aligned with and international commitments.

ESG agreements and memberships

EDC is guided by a number of agreements and standards that form the foundation of our view of best practices. We’re also a contributing member of organizations setting the standard for sustainable, responsible business.

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News & highlights

Picture of a globe representing net zero commitment.

Our net zero commitment

See how we’re putting our plan in place and making tangible progress to net zero by 2050.

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Picture of a screen with gear in it and mobile phone with speech bubble representing knowledge learned from EDC ESG webinars.

The latest ESG webinars

Find out how environmental, social and governance practices can shape the future growth of your business.

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Picture of two people with speech bubble between them representing EDC ESG customer stories.

Miovision: Gearing up for sustainability opportunities ahead

Canadian company finds ways to reduce pollution, as global cities strive to reduce emissions.

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Policies & reports

Explore policies, reports and other reference materials related to environmental, social and governance practices at EDC.

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Date modified: 2024-06-07