Strengthening our approach through standards, best practices and collaboration

Agreements and memberships

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The success of our business, and that of our customers, hinges on strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. We build this strength through our own expertise and the expertise of respected organizations and governing bodies in this space. Our strategy and processes are guided by a combination of agreements, memberships and governing legislation.



Our memberships allow us to benefit from the most current expertise and leading best practices in specific areas of focus. As an active participant in many of these memberships, it also allows us to lend our knowledge and contribute to the development of standards and practices.

International agreements and standards

International agreements and standards are a way for us to enhance the coordination of our actions with other organizations around the globe and formalize our commitments to strong ESG practices.

Canadian legislation

As a commercial and financial Crown corporation, we are subject to a range of legislation, most importantly the Export Development Act, which sets out our mandate via the Statement of Priorities and Accountabilities (SPA) received from the Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development.


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ESG   |   Risk management   |   Sustainable finance   | 
 Agreements and memberships   |   Materiality   |   ESG metrics