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Our materiality process allows us to identify topics material to EDC and take action—from ensuring integration of materiality across our corporate strategies to establishing or strengthening our ESG governance.


Our key stakeholders

Stakeholders across the trade ecosystem have different priorities and expectations of EDC. To identify the environmental, social and governance topics that are the most important for us to focus on and report, we engage with:

  • EDC employees
  • Industry associations
  • Civil society groups
  • EDC’s ESG Advisory Council

Our material topics

The material topics included here are those that are highly prioritized by internal and external stakeholders and considered most relevant to EDC’s overall performance at this time. 

  • Environmental impact of the portfolio
  • Sustainable/transition finance
  • Climate risk and opportunity management
  • Human rights
  • ESG risk due diligence
  • Transparency and communication
  • ESG oversight and corporate governance
  • Inclusion, diversity and equity
  • ESG knowledge sharing and capacity building
  • Talent

Details on our materiality matrix are available in our 2021 Materiality Assessment.

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Policies & reports

Explore policies, reports and other reference materials related to environmental, social and governance practices at EDC.

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ESG   |   Risk management   |   Sustainable finance   | 
 Agreements and memberships   |   Materiality   |   ESG metrics


Date modified: 2022-06-24