Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee EDC

Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

Protect yourself against foreign exchange risk without locking up your capital.

Protect your margins with the Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

Avoid posting collateral as payment assurance for your foreign exchange contract provider and keep your cash free for doing business.

Predictability of margins

Fluctuations in exchange rates can make it a challenge to budget up-front costs or revenues in foreign currencies. Secure your exchange rate without putting up capital, and protect your margins.

Easier access to opportunity

Increase your borrowing capacity by keeping more working capital in your business — and go after more contracts.

Cash protection

Avoid the financial pain of having to pay your foreign exchange contract provider if they incur losses you can’t cover.

Benefit from easier access to FX risk management with the Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

Eligibility is determined by EDC based on:

  • the managerial, technical and financial capabilities of your company
  • foreign exchange derivative contracts, with a duration up to three years
“We use EDC’s Foreign Exchange Guarantee, which allows us to develop our markets without having to worry about currency risks and also provides pricing stability for our customers."

Jean-Paul Deveau, President and CEO, Acadian Seaplants Limited



Key Foreign Markets

Asia, Latin America, United States


Dartmouth, NS

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Alicia McCarthy

Senior Trade Advisor, EDC

Alicia McCarthy  Senior Trade Advisor, EDC