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Youth Education Program

Through the Youth Education Program, EDC helps build the capacity of the next generation of business leaders by awarding scholarships to Canadian students with a demonstrated interest in international business.

International Business Scholarships

EDC created the International Business Scholarships because international trade is critical to Canada’s economic prosperity and we’re dedicated to helping students – the next generation of business leaders – to succeed.

We award up to 30 scholarships annually, 25 of which go to undergraduate university or college students interested in pursuing a career or furthering their studies in international business, with up to 5 additional scholarships for students in programs which combine business with environmental or sustainability studies. An EDC scholarship is worth a $4,000 cash award.

The application process starts in November and ends in early February. Scholarships are awarded in spring, and issued in autumn at the start of each academic year.

Check Your Eligibility

To be eligible, you must be:

  • a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • currently enrolled in a full-time accredited bachelor’s degree at a Canadian public university or college
  • enrolled in a program focused on international business, finance, economics, or a combination of business with environmental/sustainability studies.
  • returning to full-time post-secondary studies for the 2014-2015 academic year entering your second, third or fourth year
  • in excellent academic standing
  • experience outside Canada or plans to study abroad are considered assets

Note: employees of EDC and dependents of employees of EDC are not eligible.

Key Selection Criteria

Scholarships are awarded by a selection committee who evaluates applications based on the following criteria:
  • Demonstrated interest in pursuing a career or furthering studies in international business or business combined with environmental or sustainability studies
  • National or international professional work experience (including internships)
  • Other international experience (volunteering, studies abroad and other)
  • Plans for international study or work/internship placement in the 2014-15 year
  • Demonstrated leadership and team player skills (as reflected in letters of reference and extra-curricular activities)
  • Academic achievement (as reflected in grades and awards received)
  • Strength of letter of intent
  • Strength of letters of reference by an academic and a current or former employer
  • Languages written and spoken

What's the Process?

  1. Apply online and make sure the required references are submitted by the deadline.
  2. With the exception of references submitted by the referee, no supporting documents are accepted by mail or email. Faxes are not accepted.
  3. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee including academic, business and EDC representatives. Winners will be notified of their selection by early April. The financial awards are paid directly to the student in the fall.

Supplementary Documents

Supplementary documents must be submitted electronically using the online application form. The following supporting documents are required:

  1. Letter of Intent
    A statement describing your area(s) of interest and commitment related to international business or business combined with environmental or sustainability studies, and your proposed academic and career path to be successful in a career in this field. Also, highlight past/current/planned activities that demonstrate your leadership potential.
    • Maximum 500 words. Preferred 1.5 spacing and 12pt font.

  2. Resume
    A recent version of your resume.
    • Maximum 3 pages. Preferred 1.5 spacing and 12pt font.

  3. Transcripts
    A clear, scanned copy of your official transcript(s) from all post-secondary institutions (university, college, cégep or institute of technology) attended, including the most recent academic term.
    • Transcripts must include detailed information on the grading system specific to the postsecondary institution.
    • We reserve the right to request the original transcript.
    • We strongly recommend applicants order a recent transcript from their institution well in advance of the application deadline.

  4. Citizenship
    A clear scanned copy of an official document demonstrating Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada.
    • Examples of official documents include Canadian passport, birth certificate, citizenship or permanent resident card.
    • The copy of your official document proving citizenship or permanent resident status will not be provided to the selection committee but is used to determine eligibility only.

  5. References and Forms
    Two references are required:
    1. One academic reference from a professor at your current university or college
    2. One reference from a current or former employer
    3. This reference is required for all applicants who have working experience in Canada. An employer reference from an academic will be accepted if the reference refers to paid work, such as a teaching or research assistant role.
    4. Referees must complete the official EDC scholarships reference form. They may attach a one-page letter of recommendation to the official form.
      1. Academic reference form (PDF)
      2. Employer reference form (PDF)
    5. References must be prepared and submitted confidentially. Referees must submit their reference directly to the EDC International Business Scholarships Manager, and can do so by email or mail.
      • Option 1: Email the completed reference form (and accompanying letter) to EDC-Scholarships-Bourses@cbie.ca. Subject line should read "Reference for Student First Name Last Name". Acceptable formats are: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg. References submitted by the student via email will not be accepted.
      • Option 2: Mail reference form (and accompanying letter) to the address below. Document must be in a sealed envelope with the referee's signature across the flap, and can be submitted by the student.

    The following two confirmations are optional, applicants who submit them will have a competitive edge:

    Confirmation of Work Experience Abroad (optional) Additional points are awarded to applicants who have completed at least three months of professional work experience abroad (includes paid/unpaid internships or any type of paid employment), normally while pursuing their current degree.
    To receive these points, you must either (1) have your foreign employer complete the employer reference form, or (2) have your foreign employer complete the professional work experience abroad form. Confirmation of Professional Work Experience Abroad Form (PDF)

    Confirmation of Future Overseas Placement (optional) This step is only required if you have made concrete efforts to secure a placement abroad (study/internship) of a minimum of 3 months for the 2014-2015 year. If applicable, please email a confirmation letter from your future internship placement or your current school/future study abroad institution. Letters must be scanned and sent to EDC-Scholarships-Bourses@cbie.ca. Or, if you have not yet received confirmation of an overseas placement but have taken concrete steps organize to one, please provide a detailed description of these efforts in the online application form and email preliminary documentation to EDC-Scholarships-Bourses@cbie.ca.

    Additional references will not be accepted.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions about Eligibility
    1. I am a second (or third) year undergraduate university student in Natural Resources Management or Environmental Studies. Am I eligible to apply for one of the scholarships for business studies combined with environment or sustainability studies?

    2. If, in addition to natural resources or environmental studies courses, your program includes courses in business then you are eligible to apply.

    3. I am only taking one international business course. Am I eligible to apply?

    4. If you are in a business or economics program, and applying in the international business category, you must show evidence of interest in international business either through your curriculum (courses taken or that you are planning to take) or your extracurricular activities. However, if you are in a combined environment and business program, you do not need to be taking international business courses.

    5. I am a CEGEP graduate and I was admitted directly to the second year of a bachelor’s degree program. Am I eligible to apply?

    6. CEGEP and International Baccalaureate graduates sometimes enter their bachelor’s degree program in second year, and complete their degree requirements in three years. In this case, you are eligible to apply in your second and third year (which are in fact your first and second year at university). If in doubt, contact us.

    7. I am a college student in a university transfer program. Am I eligible to apply?

    8. If you are a college student in the second year of a four-year degree transfer program (that is, two years at college followed by two years at university to obtain a bachelor’s degree) and have already been accepted into the third year of the university program, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

    9. How do I know if my college has degree granting authority?

    10. Degree granting authority is regulated by provincial governments. To the best of our knowledge the following colleges are the ones with degree granting authority for business bachelor programs; if your college is not listed and has recently acquired this authority you would still be eligible. These colleges are:
      • Algonquin College
      • British Columbia Institute of Technology
      • Camosun College
      • College of the Rockies
      • Conestoga College
      • Douglas College
      • George Brown College
      • Georgian College
      • Humber College
      • Langara College
      • Niagara College
      • North Island College
      • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
      • Okanagan College
      • Seneca College
      • Sheridan College
      • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

    11. I am a college student completing a diploma program, am I eligible to apply?

    12. No. The Program is only available for students completing a bachelor’s degree program.

    13. I am currently in my second or third year of my second bachelor’s degree program. Am I eligible to apply?

    14. The Program is only open to students enrolled full-time in their first bachelor’s degree program.

    15. I am an international student at a Canadian university or college completing a bachelor’s degree program. Am I eligible?

    16. The Program is open only to Canadian students who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

    17. I am a Canadian bachelor’s degree student studying international trade at a university in Ottawa but I am currently on a co-op work term in Toronto. May I apply for the scholarship even though I am not taking courses at the moment?

    18. Yes, you are eligible to apply.

    19. I am a student in an MBA or other related graduate studies program. Am I eligible to apply?

    20. The Program is only available for students completing bachelor’s degree programs. EDC does not offer any graduate scholarships. We recommend you consult the Government of Canada’s International Scholarships website.

    21. I already received an EDC International Business Scholarship. Can I apply again?

    22. Yes, you can apply provided you still meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

    Questions about the Application Form & Supporting Documents

    1. I am a member of one of the three under-represented groups indicated in the online application. If I self-identify, does this have an impact on my application?

    2. Applicants who meet all selection criteria and score in the top group of applicants, and who self-identify have an increased chance of obtaining a scholarship.

    3. I am currently on an exchange outside of Canada. Can I have an extension on the deadline for supporting documents?

    4. We must receive your online application, including all supporting documents, on or before the deadline (February 3, 2014 for all materials except references and forms, which must be received by February 10, 2014). If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us regarding an extension for supporting documents.

    5. Can I submit supporting documents by mail?

    6. No. All supporting documents, with the exception of references, must be submitted online along with your application.

    7. Are high school transcripts required?

    8. No, high school transcripts are not required.

    9. Are CEGEP transcripts required?

    10. Yes, CEGEP transcripts are required.

    11. I cannot obtain an official transcript (with the most recent semester) from my university or college before the deadline. What should I do?

    12. Please contact us regarding an extension for official transcripts.

    13. Can I submit the reference letter on behalf of my referee?

    14. References must be submitted confidentially. If the reference is submitted by email, then it must be submitted directly by the referee. If the reference is submitted by mail, then it can be submitted by the applicant provided it is in a sealed envelope with the referee’s signature across the flap.

    15. Can I submit more than two references? How will the committee view additional references?

    16. Only two references (one academic and one employer) will be sent to the selection committee.

    17. Can I ask a professor to be an employer reference?

    18. If you have completed paid work for the professor, either as a research or teaching assistant, then a professor can provide an employer reference.

    19. Can I use a reference for volunteer work as my employer reference?

    20. Yes, the employer reference can be for either paid or volunteer work.

    21. Is the official reference form mandatory? Can I also submit a reference letter?

    22. The official reference form is mandatory. It can be accompanied by a one-page reference letter.

    23. I have completed work experience outside of Canada. How does the selection committee recognize this experience?

    24. Work experience outside of Canada (i.e. a paid/unpaid internship abroad or any type of paid employment overseas, within the timeframe of your current degree and for at least a minimum of three months) is valued by the selection committee. In order to demonstrate your experience abroad, you must either (1) have your foreign employer complete the employer reference form, or (2) have your foreign employer complete the professional work experience abroad form.

    25. I am planning an overseas placement in the 2014-15 year. How does the selection committee recognize this experience?

    26. The selection committee recognizes that some applicants may not yet have had the opportunity to complete an assignment abroad, but are planning to do so in the 2014-2015 year. Your plans for an overseas placement (study or internship) for at least 3 months are valued during the selection process. Please indicate your intentions to go abroad in the online application form, and if applicable, provide a scanned confirmation letter from your future placement or your current school/future study abroad institution. If you have not yet received confirmation of an overseas placement, you will need to provide a detailed description of your efforts to organize one in your application and provide any relevant preliminary documentation.

    27. What is acceptable proof of citizenship?

    28. Acceptable proof of citizenship documents are a Canadian passport, citizenship or permanent resident card or birth certificate.

    29. What is considered strong academic standing for this program?

    30. Most applicants have a minimum B average.

    31. Are scholarship applicants considered for internships with EDC or DFATD?

    32. Recruitment for internships with EDC and DFATD is independent from the EDC Scholarship program. To ensure you are considered for internship opportunities with EDC or DFATD you must apply separately for specific internship positions posted on EDC's Careers page or on the Careers in the federal Public Service website. Scholarship recipients (not applicants) will have their resume forwarded to both the EDC and DFATD Human Resources departments if they expressed an interest in internship opportunities on their EDC Scholarship application.

    Who to Contact

    The International Business Scholarship is administered on behalf of Export Development Canada by the Canadian Bureau for International Education. For additional information, please contact:
    EDC International Business Scholarships
    Canadian Bureau for International Education
    220 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1550
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1P 5Z9
    Tel: 613-237-4820 ext. 245

    Hear from some of our past scholarship winners

    Simon Bibeau, 2012

    Undergraduate Program: Investment Management, McGill University

    Career Objective: Management consulting

    “The scholarship allowed me to explore new opportunities and get involved in extra-curricular activities in my faculty. I felt extremely proud and appreciative when I found I was a 2012 recipient. It gave me renewed excitement and a desire to further my professional development, to push the boundaries even further. The best thing about being an EDC scholarship recipient is the opportunity to get in contact with other recipients and stay connected with them the rest of your life!”

    Adrian Caguiat, 2012

    Undergraduate Program: International Economics and Finance, Ryerson University

    Career Objective: To work in international business development and strategy

    “The scholarship helped immensely by going towards tuition costs, but more importantly it was a time saver. I was able to focus on tasks most beneficial to my development during the year. My status as an EDC scholarship recipient proved to be a valuable signal to potential employers. It is a great feeling to have something that recognizes one's ability and values. I value being a recipient of such a prestigious award and feel that I should meet that standard. I keep that in mind whenever I need to recommit or remind myself to work at a certain level.”

    Émilien Gouin-Bonenfant, 2012

    Undergraduate Program: Economics, University of Montreal

    Career Objective: Research and Economics

    "Being chosen from such a deep pool of candidates has boosted my confidence in my skills, and I have now decided to apply to postgraduate programs in well recognized universities. I am proud of having received a scholarship, and thrilled that it has allowed me to meet other recipients on line and discuss our prospective careers.”

    Meghan Horosko, 2012

    Undergraduate Program: International Management, University of Lethbridge

    Career Objective: International trade development, with a focus on environmental and educational partnerships.

    "The award helped me finance an international exchange in Guadalajara, Mexico, allowing me to develop my fluency in Spanish and better understand the dynamic relationship with one of our country’s most important trading partners. While on my exchange, I was able to further hone my skills and knowledge in international relations from a cross-cultural perspective. The best thing about receiving an EDC Scholarship is knowing, deep down, that hard work is recognized, particularly in areas so important to Canada’s economy. Thank you, EDC!”

    2013 EDC International Business Scholarship Winners

    • Eric Agyemang - University of Ottawa
    • Shireen Ali - Wilfrid Laurier University
    • Leyla Alizada - Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
    • Alison Carlyle - Univeristy of Waterloo
    • Kyle Collison - University of Alberta
    • Aurelie Dahoo - University of Ottawa
    • Saliya de Zoysa Jagamuni - Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
    • Breagh Farquharson - Thompson Rivers University
    • Kathryn Grant - University of Victoria
    • Melissa Haines – University of Waterloo
    • Scott Hirsch – Simon Fraser University
    • Ray Howard – Ryerson University
    • Christopher Kropp - Carleton University
    • Mimi Lam - Carleton University
    • Anita Lee - Western University
    • Brett Lindquist - University of Alberta
    • Darrin Mah University of Victoria
    • Shaun McGeough - Carleton University
    • Ross Park - Carleton University
    • Sara Pelaez Restrepo - Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
    • Leah Perry - Carleton University
    • Asha Rajak - Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
    • Jason Rondeau - Saint Mary’s University
    • Karine Sabourin - University of Manitoba
    • Nathan Shantz - Wilfrid Laurier University
    • Vincent Song - Simon Fraser University
    • Myra Tremblay - Université Laval
    • Cameron Turnbull - Saint Mary’s University
    • Cameron York - University of Victoria
    • Cedric Zhang - Wilfrid Laurier University

    2012 EDC International Business Scholarship Winners

    • Mathew Baptista - University of Guelph
    • Calvin Barrett - University of Manitoba
    • Simon Bibeau - McGill University
    • Connor Bildfell - University of Victoria
    • Cory Boles - University of British Columbia
    • Adrian Caguiat - Ryerson University
    • Paul Decaire - HEC Montreal
    • Jiemi Gao - Western University
    • Sophie Giguère Samson - York University
    • Émilien Gouin-Bonenfant - Université de Montréal
    • Aleithia de Guzman - Queens' University
    • Meghan Horosko - University of Lethbridge
    • Ray Howard - Ryerson University
    • Mimi Lam - Carleton University
    • Connor Lyons - Western University
    • Lindsay McLean - University of Calgary
    • Annik Mitterer - Bishop's University
    • Esper Nemi - York University
    • Je Youn (Jane) Park - York University
    • Jeannette Rouire - University of Waterloo
    • Chris Royle - York University
    • Thomas Schellenberg - Georgian College
    • Zhengyang Sharon Sun - Carleton University
    • Miroslav (Mirko) Suzarac - Simon Fraser University
    • Mengxi (Tom) Tang - Ryerson University
    • Jennifer Viscosi - University of Ottawa
    • Jonathan Wade - Concordia University
    • Ivy Wan - University of British Columbia
    • Shang-Lynn (Sunny) Yang - University of Alberta
    • Aamna Zia - University of Lethbridge

    2011 EDC International Business Scholarship Winners

    • Alice Bao - University of Waterloo
    • Sheila Ball - University of Waterloo
    • Ethan Baron - University of Winnipeg
    • Isabelle Boileau - Université du Québec à Montréal
    • Caroline Breuer - Queen's University
    • Marielle Chartier Hénault - HEC Montréal
    • Kara Chiki - Wilfrid Laurier University
    • Marc Coderre - University of Victoria
    • Matthew Corluka - Carleton University
    • Kayleigh Donahue - University of Alberta
    • Valeriya Edemskaya - University of Victoria
    • Kayley Fulton - University of Lethbridge
    • Mingqiu Guo - Simon Fraser University
    • Yunjoo Jang - York University
    • Oksana Kovalenko - Acadia University
    • Mathieu Labrèche - Université Laval
    • Jevta Lukic - Simon Fraser University
    • Emily McLean - University of Guelph
    • Da In (Carissa) Oh - McGill University
    • Mihaela Pal - University of Guelph
    • Samantha Phelan - Memorial University of Newfoundland
    • Stefano Polloni - Université de Montréal
    • Danielle Ruggles - University of Waterloo
    • Mark Tsou - University of Waterloo
    • Jonas White - University of Western Ontario
    • Heng Zhang - University of Calgary
    • Christine Zhou - Queen's University
    • Jennifer Zhou - York University
    • Kevin Zhou - University of Western Ontario
    • Aamna Zia - University of Lethbridge


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