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Country At A Glance

Flag of Indonesia
Map of Indonesia

Country Facts

Nominal GDP868.35 Billion USD
Population250.80 Million
Total Trade/GDP49.48%
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Merchandise Imports from Canada1,913.46 Million CAD
Canadian direct investment3,203 Million CAD
Main importsMachinery & Equipment, Mineral Fuels, Manufactured Goods

EDC in Indonesia

Canadian companies assisted121
International buyers insured178
Business volume901.58 Million CAD

Business Environment

Indonesia is Canada’s largest trading partner in Association of South Eastern Nations (ASEAN) region. Indonesia is also the top destination for Canadian FDI in ASEAN. The sovereign rating of Indonesia was recently upgraded to investment grade by major rating agencies. The economy is undergoing very robust growth and is prevented from realizing its full potential by an infrastructure bottleneck. Upgrading and developing the infrastructure in the country is therefore a major priority for the Indonesian Government. Indonesia is also resource rich and a leading producer of thermal coal, tin, nickel and LNG. There are new policy announcements in 2012 regarding foreign ownership of mining properties in Indonesia and the prohibition on the export of unprocessed mineral ores from 2014 onwards. Working with local partners such as agents or distributors is an effective way to gain entry into this market.

Key Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Consumer Goods
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Machinery - Packaging, Industrial & Analytical Instruments
  • Power
  • Telecom

How we can support your business

Through our representation in Singapore, we provide regional support to Canadian companies planning on or currently doing business in Indonesia. Our regional representatives have developed strategic relationships with major buyers in key sectors as well as an extensive network of local contacts in the market.

  • We are well positioned to help Canadian companies through a range of financing and risk management services.
  • Learn more about our service offering.

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