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United States

EDC Position-open all programs

EDC's Position

  • Key EDC Market
  • Actively pursuing business
  • Open under all programs, subject to regular approval criteria


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Country At A Glance

Flag of United States
Map of United States

Country Facts

Nominal GDP16,799.70 Billion USD
Population316.35 Million
Total Trade/GDP29.86%
CurrencyUS Dollar (USD)
Merchandise Imports from Canada358,189.89 Million CAD
Canadian direct investment318,346 Million CAD
Main importsConsumer and Capital Goods, Industrial Supplies, Auto & Light Motor-Vehicles

EDC in United States

Canadian companies assisted3,545
International buyers insured42,604
Business volume40,356.49 Million CAD

Business Environment

The United States has the largest, most innovative economy in the world. The economic recovery is gaining traction and the American private sector is in great shape with corporate profitability at an all-time high, and record amounts of cash. Consumers are also spending more now that the housing market is gaining strength and confidence is rising. Canada and the United States have the largest trading relationship in the world and so EDC is open under all of its programs with no restrictions. All types of transactions can be considered subject only to counterparty risk. We see excellent potential and export investment opportunities that match Canadian potential and that will deepen this already superb trading relationship.

Key Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Capital Goods
  • Consumer Goods
  • Machinery - Packaging, Industrial & Analytical Instruments

How we can support your business

Through our Head Office operations in Ottawa, we provide support to Canadian companies planning on or currently doing business in the United States.

  • We are well positioned to help Canadian companies through a range of financing and risk management services.
  • Learn more about our service offering.

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