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Trade Confidence Index

Trade Confidence Index - Fall 2014
Conducted twice a year, the Trade Confidence Index (TCI) survey captures the outlook and opinions of Canadian exporters in five key areas:

1. Domestic sales
2. Export sales
3. Domestic economic conditions
4. World economic conditions
5. International business opportunities

Fall 2014 TCI survey highlights:

The Fall 2014 survey saw the TCI decrease slightly, down to 75.8 from 77.2 in Spring 2014. Although this is a decline following three consecutive increases, it is still one of the highest levels of trade confidence since Fall 2009. Despite increasing concerns about global instability and conflict in the Middle East, a clear majority of respondents expect export sales to increase over the next six months. The majority of respondents also feel their export sales benefited from a lower Canadian dollar. In addition, more than one-third of respondents have already started exporting to new countries, and more than half have plans to enter new markets within the next two years.

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Fall 2014 TCI survey highlights