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Trade Confidence Index

Conducted twice a year, the Trade Confidence Index (TCI) survey captures the outlook and opinions of Canadian exporters in five key areas:

  1. Domestic sales
  2. Export sales
  3. Domestic economic conditions
  4. World economic conditions
  5. International business opportunities

Fall 2013 TCI survey highlights:

The Fall 2013 Trade Confidence Index survey found respondents' trade confidence continuing to climb across all elements, with the overall TCI rising by 2.8 points to 75.4. This builds on the gains made in the spring 2013 survey, marking the first consecutive periods of increasing trade confidence since 2010.

Significantly, companies' outlooks on world economic conditions have shifted net positive for the first time since spring 2011, reflecting the belief that world economic conditions will improve over the next six months. More respondents also expect international business opportunities to increase over the same period - 34% versus 27% in spring 2013.

Read the Fall 2013 TCI report
Fall 2013 TCI survey highlights

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