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We offer a range of free e-subscriptions from weekly, monthly and quarterly publications, to articles, electronic newsletters and magazines to keep you current on developments relevant to your industry and business. Whether you're running a small, medium or large company, you'll find helpful insights to guide your international business growth.

Subscribe to one or more of these publications
  • Calendar of Events
    A monthly newsletter with information on our upcoming events such as webinars, live seminars and trade missions. Sent via email every month.

  • The Commodity Tracker
    A weekly table of commodity prices and economic indicators related to activity in commodity markets.

  • Export Performance Monitor
    A monthly publication tracking recent movements in Canadian exports by industry sector and by market.

  • News Release Alerts
    Automatically receive EDC’s news releases, via e-mail, as they are issued.

  • TradeInsights
    Our monthly email newsletter features Trade Talk (see sample) in addition to our market guides, trends, and insights on how to grow your business outside of Canada.

  • Weekly Commentary
    EDC’s Vice-President and Chief Economist, Peter G. Hall, comments on world economic trends. Sent via e-mail every Thursday.
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