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Surprise of the Year: Only one? - December 18, 2014

Six years beyond the onset of global crisis, and the lamentation seems louder: pundits are increasingly perplexed by the planet’s prolonged period of perpetual perturbations. We’re living through a period replete with surprises – weather issues, political upsets, conflict, disease, economic turbulence, and so on. In fact, a huge surprise these days would be a year of no surprises. This too has been a year marked by what others have referred to as ‘serial disappointments’ – and the occasional upside. So, does anything stand out in 2014 as an ‘out of the blue’ development?

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Peter G. HallPeter G. Hall
Vice-President and Chief Economist

Peter Hall joined Export Development Canada (EDC) in November 2004. With over 25 years of experience in economic analysis and forecasting, Mr. Hall is responsible for overseeing EDC's economic and political risk analysis, special research and the corporate library. In addition to advising senior management at EDC, Mr. Hall is a featured speaker at conferences, international roundtables and policy fora, and regularly appears in television, radio and print media commenting on the international economy.

Prior to joining EDC, Mr. Hall directed the economic forecasting activities of the Conference Board of Canada. Mr. Hall is the immediate past president of the Canadian Association for Business Economics, a 600-member national association of professional economists, and actively participates in its local Ottawa chapter. Mr. Hall has degrees in economics from Carleton University and the University of Toronto.

Stuart BergmanStuart Bergman
Assistant Chief Economist and Director, Economic and Political Intelligence Centre

Stuart Bergman has been the Assistant Chief Economist and Director of Export Development Canada's (EDC) Economic and Political Intelligence Centre since March, 2011. Prior to that, he was the Director of EDC's Economic Analysis and Forecasting unit. In his role, Mr. Bergman provides leadership and direction for a group of diverse and highly-specialized economists, political risk analysts and intelligence professionals, advising EDC business teams and senior management on transaction and portfolio risk mitigation, corporate planning and business development activities. He also serves as EDC's representative at national and international economic forums, delivers media interviews and is a featured speaker at conferences across Canada and around the world.

Mr. Bergman completed his graduate studies in International Economics and International Relations at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.


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