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Account Performance Security Guarantee

Posting bonds for international contracts ties up cash which you can be using to invest in your business or take on new contracts. We can provide a 100% irrevocable guarantee to your bank for your bonding needs to free up your cash for growth.

  • Get more international contracts. Issue more bonds knowing you are covered and pursue more contracts confident you can meet the demands of new business.
  • Be more competitive. Easily providing a bond as opportunities arise says a lot about your creditworthiness and reliability.
  • Manage your business better. Pre-approved access to bonding at pre-set rate allows you to build costs into your pricing so you can protect your profit margin.

Free up your cash flow

With an Account Performance Security Guarantee in place, your financial institution is assured it will receive full payment for any calls against your guarantees. This means that additional collateral is probably not required—so you can focus your cash flow on other business priorities.

Grow your business faster

When your financial institution is protected with an Account Performance Security Guarantee, they have the confidence to issue guarantees on your behalf as needed without repeating time-consuming and costly paperwork. The process is streamlined with predictable turnaround times giving you the ability to pursue promising business opportunities as they arise.

Peace of mind

An Account Performance Security Guarantee covers your letter of guarantee issuance requirements at a pre-set rate so you know exactly what bonding capacity you have to work with during the year, and at what cost.


In evaluating applications, we assess a number of factors - among them:

  • managerial, technical and financial capabilities of your company;
  • contractual terms;
  • review of the guarantee;
  • the conditions and economic outlook in your customer’s country, and the customer’s profile;
  • Canadian exports of goods and services, or other significant benefits to Canada.


Costs are based on the associated risks and the duration of the guarantee.

Important Information
The above information describes, in general, EDC services and is not a commitment to provide them. Only the documentation supplied by EDC, in connection with any transaction, provides the full detail and terms and conditions.

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