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Bonding and Guarantees

Posting bonds and guarantees is a necessary part of exporting that can tie up your cash flow. We have a range of bonding and guarantee solutions, offered in partnership with financial institutions, which can help you to free up the working capital you need.

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Account Performance Security Guarantee

With our Account Performance Security Guarantee, your financial institution is fully protected if your customer demands payment against the guarantee they provided to your customer on your behalf. This can encourage your bank to forego the collateral usually required to post such guarantees.

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Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

Our Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee encourages your foreign exchange provider to forego the need for collateral when you sign a foreign exchange contract to lock in exchange rates. This makes foreign exchange risk management easier since you can manage exchange rate fluctuations without tying up your cash.

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Surety Bond Insurance

A surety company can, similar to a financial institution, issue a contractual or performance bond on your behalf. Our Surety Bond Insurance can protect your existing surety company in the event of a call, encouraging them to provide you with the bonding capacity you need to sell internationally. If finding a surety company is an issue, we can also help fulfill your bonding requirements through our various partnerships.

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