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Accounts Receivable Insurance

​Trade credit insurance for all your U.S. or foreign accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable Insurance (ARI) is our trade credit insurance option for Canadian companies looking to insure all of their U.S. and international sales against non-payment. It is an ideal option if you need the security of knowing you’ll be protected if any of your U.S. or international customers can’t pay.In many markets, our Accounts Receivable Insurance, can also be extended to your foreign affiliates—giving you insurance coverage anywhere you do business.

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Protect and Grow your Business with Accounts Receivable Insurance

Protect against the risk of not getting paid
You’ll be covered for up to 90 per cent of your losses resulting from non-payment due to a wide range of risks.
Free up cash flow
When your financial institution knows that you’ll get paid for a U.S. or foreign contract - even if your customer defaults - it may have more confidence to provide you with increased funds or forego the usual requirements for collateral.

​Grow your business with confidence
Trade credit insurance like Accounts Receivable Insurance can be used to help free up funds to promote your business in new markets, pursue new customers, keep your operations and sales cycles running smoothly, and provide favourable payment terms to your customers.

How much does it cost?
The cost of Accounts Receivable Insurance includes monthly premiums. Premium rates are based on several factors, including: 
  • type of coverage,
  • the type of goods you’re exporting or services you're providing,
  • your customer’s credit risks, and
  • the country you’re exporting to.
Easy claims process
We try to make the experience of making a claim quick and painless — you can report an overdue payment, submit a claim, or engage a collection agency online.

What risks does Accounts Receivable Insurance cover?

Accounts Receivable Insurance

​What's Covered ​What's Not Covered​

​Your policy protects you against the risk of non-payment by your customers. Accounts Receivable Insurance will cover up to 90% of your losses due to any of the following:

  • Your customer declares bankruptcy
  • Your customer has cash flow issues and defaults
  • Your customer refuses to accept the goods
  • Hostilities in a particular market that prevent your customer from paying
  • Cancellation of export/import permits
  • Issues with currency conversion or transfer
Accounts Receivable Insurance does not cover losses as a result of any of the following:


  • The loss relates to goods shipped when your customer was already in default of its payment obligations to you by more than 60 days
  • ​ the amount theyowe you (we can only pay once the dispute is settled and the amount owing by the ​customer is clearly established).

A complete list of exclusions to coverage is set out in the Policy.

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Trouble viewing this PDF? Please consult this page for support information or download this regular PDF form.