We want to support more companies operating in sectors and markets that offer the best prospects for net new, long-term and sustainable growth that will improve Canada’s future trade competitiveness.

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cleantech companies served, facilitating
$6.3 billion of business 

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$22 billion 

in business facilitated in emerging markets 

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Sector and market priorities 

In developing our 2030 Strategy, we evaluated the emerging sectors and high-growth markets with the strongest economic potential for Canadian businesses—looking for what we could do to help reinforce and accelerate Canada’s future trade competitiveness.

Tops among them were agri-food, clean technologies (cleantech), advanced manufacturing and digital industries, as well as resource-based industries developing innovative, highly sought-after solutions. High-growth markets include China, India and Southeast Asian countries, where a developing middle-class presents unprecedented opportunity for Canadian exporters. 

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Young engineer reading paper while standing by robotic arms in automated industry

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Our key priorities

In 2021, we started thinking about where we could catalyze net new growth for Canada. We made the decision to invest heavily in the high-growth potential subset of medium-sized companies, those that are proactively seeking international opportunities as part of their growth agenda. 

To accelerate their growth, we plan to offer market intelligence, business advice, connections to potential international partners and financial products, which we will deliver through a high-touch model. Learn more about our short-, medium- and long-term strategies for these companies. 

EDC success stories

Solar replication technology up close

G2V Optics: Casting light on critical sectors

Cleantech company G2V Optics is revolutionizing the aerospace and food industries with light technology.

Xebec’s PSA H-Series removes these contaminants in the adsorber bed at feed pressure

Xebec Adsorption: Enabling the transition to a low-carbon future

Increased manufacturing activity, accelerated decarbonization measures, and the rising demand for medical oxygen are driving further traction for Xebec’s solutions.


Date modified: 2022-03-29