EDC’s mission is to help Canadian companies go, grow and succeed in markets around the world. We encourage them to take their first international steps, knowing that we’ve got their back. We provide them with the financial solutions they need to compete in global markets. And we draw on our international connections and expertise to guide them to new markets, customers and opportunities. 

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Total business conducted by our customers with the help of EDC solutions

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Transactions supported for our small business and commercial customers 

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Encouraging and equipping more Canadian companies to go global

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Providing solutions that launch, and then accelerate, growth

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Propelling companies to greater success and competitiveness

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Building leaders in sustainability and responsibility

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Portrait of EDC Chair Martine Irman

Corporate social responsibility figured prominently in EDC’s 2018 story, so it is fitting that it has a place of prominence in this report – EDC’s first-ever integrated annual report.

Martine Irman  —  Board Chair



We're not just acquiring more customers; we're delivering more value to more Canadian exporters, and in new and exciting ways.

Mairead Lavery  —  President and CEO
Portrait of EDC President and CEO Mairead Lavery

Date modified: 2019-05-07