By creating opportunities for Canadian exporters and helping them diversify into fast-growing global markets and sectors, we propel them to greater levels of competitiveness and success.

We develop export trade

Trade creation

EDC has a proactive mandate to develop export trade, as well as supporting transactions. Trade creation involves building relationships with targeted foreign companies operating in specific markets or sectors, and then connecting qualified Canadian companies to those companies. 

Our most widely used tool is connection financing, an untied financing commitment made to an international borrower, which we leverage to influence that borrower to consider Canadian procurement and to work with us to better understand Canadian capabilities.

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Helped 1,100 Canadian companies (primarily small- and medium-sized enterprizes) do business through our connection financing relationships

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New connection financing loans extended for total loan volume of $5.6 billion

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Loans added to first-time connection financing buyers

We help exporters capitalize on opportunity

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Business connections

In 2018, EDC led 16 formal B2B events, resulting in 599 connections between 365 unique Canadian companies and 56 international companies. In addition, our sector experts directly connected 277 companies with 99 international companies, either in person or through virtual meetings.

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Trade diversification

Increasingly, we leverage free trade agreements to guide decisions on which markets to promote to Canadian companies, where to focus trade creation activities, and where to locate future international representations.

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Maxy Media: EGP provides competitive advantage

When scrolling through news websites, it’s become commonplace for readers to come across paid or related content—what’s known as native advertising. These ads match the look and feel of the page they’re on, and feature great images and headlines. Increasingly, this content is created and placed by Maxy Media, a Montreal-based digital media buying agency founded by Maximilian Lekhtman. Maxy Media gets paid when its ads generate marketing leads for its customers.

Given the nature of the business, Maxy Media typically waits between 15 and 30 days to get paid, making it difficult to have sufficient cash flow. When Lekhtman and company CEO Mark Lachance went to their bank to increase their line of credit, the bank suggested that EDC get involved. With the majority of its sales in the United States and Germany, Maxy Media was a perfect candidate for our Export Guarantee Program. 

Working with the bank, EDC provided a guarantee on the money Maxy Media was borrowing. “EDC gives us the ability to raise more working capital and, specifically, debt financing,” says Lachance. “And that’s a competitive advantage. We want to expand throughout Europe and the world because that’s where the real opportunities lie. Working with EDC gives us that opportunity and protects us financially.” 

A group of Maxy Media employees standing in front of the Maxy Media logo and  smiling for the camera
Date modified: 2019-05-07