EDC constantly engages with exporters to learn more about how we can help them keep growing. We want to provide solutions that address gaps and enable them to excel on the world stage.

We lead the way in cleantech

Clean technology

As international demand increases for technologies that mitigate environmental impacts, cleantech has become a significant economic opportunity for Canada and EDC. It’s exactly the type of sector we want to support and, having made it a corporate priority in 2012, we are now one of Canada’s largest financial supporters of Canadian cleantech companies. 

In 2018, we launched the Cleantech Co-Investment Program, through which we invest directly in promising cleantech companies, alongside fund investors, to attract further private sector investment.

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Cleantech customers served in 2018, up from 171 in 2017

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Cleantech business facilitated versus $1.47 billion in 2017

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In cleantech exports facilitated since 2012

We accelerate growth

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Women in trade

Budget 2018 announced EDC’s $250-million envelope to support women-owned and women-led businesses that are exporting or looking to start. By year-end, we had served 105 such companies with credit insurance, financing, and financing guarantees—enough to support $392 million in export volume. We have a strategic plan to focus, invest and measure our progress in supporting Canadian women’s businesses in international trade.

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International growth capital

Our $2 billion portfolio of funded investments and commitments supports 406 Canadian companies, either directly or indirectly through investments in private equity funds.

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P&P Optica: An investment in food quality, safety and waste reduction

P&P Optica is a Waterloo-based firm that uses hyperspectral imaging and machine learning to assess food composition and quality; thereby, improving the overall Canadian food supply and reducing waste in our landfills. 

In 2018, EDC announced a $1-million investment in P&P Optica, recognizing the merits of its unique technology. The company’s patented Smart Imaging System is installed in food processing plants and uses imaging technology and artificial intelligence to read the chemistry of food. This allows processors to assess quality characteristics such as protein, fat and water content; shelf life; and flavour. The technology can even detect tiny unwanted objects such as plastics, rubber and bone in food while it’s moving along the conveyor belt at line speed—a feature that has not previously been possible for food processors and which significantly enhances food safety.

“Improving food quality and safety is extremely important to us, as is reducing the environmental footprint that comes with food waste. EDC’s investment will help us further develop our technology and expand into the U.S. and other markets,” says Olga Pawluczyk, CEO, P&P Optica. “In turn, this will ensure that food processors can assess and respond to risks in the quality and safety of their food more quickly and effectively than ever before.” 

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Date modified: 2019-05-07