Export Development Canada is the largest provider of financial solutions for Canadian cleantech companies looking to expand internationally.



In 2018, EDC provided more than $2 billion in support for 210 cleantech companies.

11% growth year-over-year in Cleantech exports in 2017.

11% growth

year-over-year in Cleantech exports in 2017

$2.5 trillon in global cleantech sector by 2022

$2.5 trillon 

in global cleantech sector by 2022


Cleantech Export Forum
Nov. 4, MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, ON

EDC presents the third annual Cleantech Export Forum on Nov. 4. This unique event will explore the cleantech ecosystem and highlight the financial and strategic supports and resources available. You’ll also hear from companies that have already found success in the international cleantech market.


Peter Hall sitting in a board room smiling and looking off to the right

Keynote speaker 

Peter Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist, EDC

With more than 25 years of economic analysis and forecasting experience, Peter Hall offers an expert take on the global economic outlook. His passion is guiding Canadian businesses to sustainable global success.


Man on his tablet with The Walrus Talks speech bubble logo

Guest appearance

The Walrus Talks

EDC presents the exclusive Walrus Talks, a national event series about Canada and its place in the world. This thought-provoking event will feature five speakers talking for seven minutes, each from a different perspective, all focusing on the future of cleantech that will spark conversation both in person and online.



Peter Hall

Chief Economist, EDC

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Bill Macheras

Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services
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Bill Macheras

Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services


Bill Macheras

Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services


Bill Macheras

Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services


Bill Macheras

Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services

Bill Macheras

Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services

Bill Macheras

Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services

Bill Macheras

Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services

Join us for the Cleantech Export Forum

Date: Nov. 4, 2019
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Location: MaRS Discovery District,
101 College St.,
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1L7



Light bulb with green leaf inside rests on green grass.

Shining a light on Canada’s cleantech future

With annual revenues of $17 billion, Canada’s innovative cleantech industry is primed for growth, but its long-term strength depends on export sales.

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Industry Insights

Learn more about how the Canadian market is offering cleantech opportunities in all sorts of sectors and how EDC is supporting these global environmental initiatives to help Canadian businesses confidently grow their business globally. 


Cleantech company Titan standing outside their building

EDC loan to help Canadian cleantech company Titan preserve natural resources worldwide

USD$4.5 million loan will help Titan fund growth and sustainable development.

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Ecolomondo’s first commercial plant in Hawkesbury, Ontario

EDC provides loan to help Canadian cleantech company Ecolomondo Corporation reduce hydrocarbon waste in landfills

$32.1-million loan will help Ecolomondo build its first commercial plant in Hawkesbury, Ontario.

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The Clear Blue Technologies team gathered around clapping in celebration

EDC provides financing for Canadian cleantech company connecting remote parts of the world

Today, EDC is pleased to announce it provided a guarantee to support a $1 million credit facility extended by a Canadian bank to Clear Blue Technologies.

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Beautiful sunset above the windmills on the field

Twelve Canadian Companies Named to the Global Cleantech 100 List

Twelve Canadian companies have been named on the Global Cleantech 100 List. More than half include EDC customers from diverse markets and sectors across Canada.

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Woman looking at her energy bill

Canadian cleantech company Ecotagious secures working capital with support from EDC

Ecotagious is making it easier for Canadians to make every day Earth Day.

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Seizing cleantech opportunities

Seizing the opportunities cleantech offers

Canada’s cleantech sector is brimming with potential and – with business, government and industry organizations working in concert to build and bolster it – it’s on the right path.

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Canada Cleantech Advantage

Cleantech: A sector of unlimited promise

Cleantech is one of those industries that cuts across a multitude of sectors. While it’s valued at about $1 trillion today, it’s expected to reach no less than $2.5 trillion in just two short years.

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Titan Environmental

Titan Environmental Containment: Minimizing environmental impact while growing globally

After accessing EDC Portfolio Credit Insurance, the environmental company saw sales grow by 60% and now exports to every continent.

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EnergyGeeks provides concierge-style “Solar Energy for Dummies” service

EnergyGeeks: Shedding light on solar power

Since the solar power company launched in the United States at the beginning of 2018, revenue has almost doubled.

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Toronto solar energy business UGE International

UGE International

This Toronto solar energy business delivers immediate savings to commercial and industrial clients through the low cost of solar energy.

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Green Power Labs

Green Power Labs Inc.

This company is now in talks with three multinationals it met through EDC for contracts worth millions.

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Karicia Quiroz

Senior Trade Advisor, EDC

Karicia Quiroz  Senior Trade Advisor, EDC