Corruption is a significant risk in many international markets. This page is your resource for essential information that can help your business adopt anti-corruption best practices and become a leader in corporate sustainability. 


Mairead Lavery, EDC President and CEO

“Success in business goes way beyond the numbers. It comes down to consistently doing the right thing, for the right reasons.”

 — Mairead Lavery, EDC President and CEO



Your starting point for learning anti-corruption best practices

Find out how to effectively identify and mitigate risk and establish an anti-corruption program for your business.

Keeping corruption out: EDC’s guide for Canadian exporters

Get the information you need about Canada’s anti-corruption law.

EDC guide: Financial crime in international trade

Find out how companies can unknowingly become involved in financial crime. 


Know the law and your responsibilities as an exporter

Learn more about how corruption is defined in Canada and how your company can maintain best practices.

Corruption of Public Officials Act

Read the full text on the Government of Canada website.

Anti-Corruption Compliance Checklist

Enhance your risk management processes with TI Canada’s checklist.

OECD Anti-Corruption Guidelines

Discover the OECD Council’s Good Practice Guidance for companies.

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Financial crime in international trade

Guide Your company could become involved in financial crime without even knowing it. Learn about the risks and how to manage them in this detailed guide.

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Managing reputational risk in your global supply chain

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Embracing corporate social responsibility for stronger business relationships

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Corporate sustainability and responsibility at EDC

When it comes to corporate sustainability and responsibility, we’re committed to leading by example. Find out how we’re implementing and tracking our own ESG and Anti-Corruption best practices at EDC.