Our Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) vision is to help Canadian companies become internationally recognized as leaders in sustainability and responsibility, giving them the competitive advantage they need to succeed. Our vision establishes common ground for working with our customers to build their business and create a stronger, more equitable society.

We’ve developed a strategic CSR framework to guide our efforts. Each of the framework’s four pillars – Business Integrity, Environment and People, Our Workplace, and Our Communities – has specific priorities and key performance indicators for tracking progress. We’ve also mapped our framework to the six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are most relevant to our business and where we can have the greatest impact.

In 2019, we focused more intently on the Business Integrity and Environment and People pillars, based on our belief that we could do more, and move faster, to address key issues and become more transparent. While we’ve made considerable progress, more work is needed to keep pace with stakeholder expectations and remain at the leading edge of global standards. As such, we plan to maintain our focus on these two pillars in 2020, most notably by bringing to life our new Financial Crime Policy and implementing commitments we’ve made with respect to climate change, human rights and transparency.

EDC Vision and CSR at EDC chart

CSR governance

Board and Management oversight of CSR at EDC
Date modified: 2020-05-04