We understand that a relationship based on trust and accountability with our stakeholders through accurate and timely disclosure of information is critical to our long-term success, and that of the Canadian companies we serve. Our Disclosure Policy aims to support these values by establishing a framework for the routine, proactive disclosure of information relating to our business activities.

The Disclosure Policy that had been in effect since 2001 was included in the recent review of our Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy Framework and related policies. We specifically asked stakeholders for input on topics such as how we might maintain a reasonable balance between protecting commercially confidential information and heightened transparency, and the level of reporting they’d like to see regarding assessments conducted and transactions turned down or being monitored.

As a result of this exercise, we released an updated and newly named Transparency and Disclosure Policy in 2020, which will take effect in April. Along with the new policy, we issued a stakeholder response paper explaining the changes. 

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Date modified: 2020-05-04