Every time you make an international sale, you’re at risk of not getting paid.

With EDC Credit Insurance, 90% of your insured losses are covered against a variety of risks when selling your products and services to the U.S. or internationally.

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Why you need credit insurance

One unpaid invoice can mean the difference between profit and loss.

 Make sure you get paid

Make sure you get paid

Our credit insurance protects you against an array of risks including customer bankruptcy or non-payment, contract cancellation, issues with currency conversion or transfer, and more.

Get access to more cash

Get access to more cash

With credit insurance protection, your bank will typically lend against your insured invoices for 90% of their value, significantly increasing your access to cash.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Insuring your export sales allows you to offer more competitive payment terms to win contracts in international markets, without the risk.



Discover which credit insurance solution is right for you

Whether you want the security of knowing a few or many of your sales are protected against non-payment, we have the credit insurance solution that’s right for you.

Portfolio Credit Insurance

Ongoing coverage for active exporters

Ideal when:

  • You have consistent export sales
  • You want to insure an unlimited number of customers
  • You need flexible coverage with more policy options
  • You need to cover pre-shipment costs in case of contract cancellation

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How often do you export your products and services?

Turning childhood dreams into commercial success

Watch and learn how EDC’s credit insurance helped Ocean Rodeo take on more contracts and grow into new markets abroad.

Our customers are loyal to our brand, but EDC’s credit insurance covers us if the winds shift and a client goes under.

Richard Myerscough  —  CEOOcean Rodeo

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* Certain exclusions to coverage may apply. For more details, visit edc.ca or for a copy of the full Terms & Conditions please call 1-800-532-2220 or e-mail tradeadvisor-conseiller@edc.ca.