Kristin Cuddington headshot, EDC
Kristin Cuddington Director, Community and Indigenous Engagement Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations Cameco Corporation Kristin Cuddington

Kristin Cuddington leads the northern Saskatchewan strategy for Cameco Corporation – one of the largest global providers of the uranium fuel needed to energize a clean-air world.

Kristin grew up in the northern Saskatchewan community of La Ronge and understands the importance of the mining industry to the region. Cameco has been operating in the north for 35 years and collaborates with local Indigenous communities to ensure the uranium industry brings mutual prosperity. 

The company’s engagement approach is rooted in mutually beneficial long-term partnership. Kristin plays a key role in fostering relationships of mutual respect in place of one-off consultation.

Cameco has signed collaboration agreements focused on workforce development, business development, community investment, community engagement and environmental stewardship. Kristin, who has been with Cameco for 15 years, leads this implementation.

Kristin holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business.

Date modified: 2024-06-26